SEPTEMBER 29, 2009





The meeting opened at 6:40 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board members present:  Joseph Dicton, James Hall, Stanley Rhodes III and Josh Terenzini.


Review of the 9/15/2009 Minutes


Mr. Hall made a change to the wording on Page 6 from congressmen to the State of Vermont legislators and motioned to accept the minutes with this change. Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Review of the 9/23/2009 Minutes


Mr. Hall added Ms. Hyjek’s name as attending the warned meeting to set the tax rate.  Mr. Terenzini motioned to accept the minutes with this change.  Mr. Dicton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Questions from the Floor


There were none.


Town Clerk/Treasurer – Marie Hyjek


Ms. Hyjek said that the tax bills were printed on 9/25 and mailed on 9/28.  The due date of the first payment is 10/28/2009.  For escrow accounts, the original bills were mailed to the mortgage company and a copy went to the taxpayer.


The deadline to grieve the new appraisal before the BCA is 9/30/2009. This is for those who already appealed previously.  Ms. Hyjek is to set a meeting for the BCA members.   She has contacted O’Brien Reporting Services to take the minutes of the grievance hearings.  She also has a copy of grievance procedures for anyone who would like to review them.  Grievance hearings will be scheduled to avoid Tuesdays and Thursdays to avoid a conflict with the regular Select Board and Planning Commission meetings.  It is possible not to have all BCA members present for each hearing and site visits so the duties can be split up amongst the BCA members.  There is one BCA member who is appealing their own assessment and that person cannot take part in any other hearings.  The hearings will take place downstairs so no other meetings will be scheduled for the time being except the grievances.


Rutland Regional Planning Commission – Fred Nicholson


No meeting, no report.


Mr. Rhodes read a memo he received concerning the proposed Verizon sign on the Michael’s building to face Route 7.  It mentioned a concern for “the night sky” and energy usage.  Mr. Nicholson said the sign would only use two kilowatts of power.


Highway – Byron Hathaway


Mr. Hathaway reported that he has received acknowledgements from plowing subcontractors and has planned a meeting with them to discuss plans for the winter.


There is a planned upgrade to the community water system in the Crestway area and Mr. Hathaway had a meeting with Blair Enman to discuss this as there will be some digging in the Town’s right of way.  Mr. Hathaway has asked that digging be avoided at the edge of the pavement and would like Mr. Zingale to send a letter explaining the need for a permit.  Mr. Dicton suggested taking pictures before the dig to make sure that the area is returned to its original state.


Mr. Hall asked about an update on the proposed scales for weighing of salt.  Mr. Hathaway has talked to several dealers including Load Right, Accu-Load  and John Deere.  He said there are two types of scales; one is a single sensor and the other is a dual sensor which is easier to use, more accurate but more expensive, around $2,900.  Mr. Dicton asked about available money and Mr. Hathaway said he has $7.000 that originally was going to be used for a cross conveyor but is now available for other things.


There was a brief discussion on the level of error in accounting for lost tonnage of salt in past years.  Mr. Hathaway is to bring in a recommendation for a particular scale at the next Select Board hearing.


Fire Department – Chief Joe Denardo


Mr. Denardo mentioned that there has been a lot of maintenance on the Town fire trucks lately.  He said that the department has attended a Health Fair at the Diamond Run mall and will attend a Safety Day at Home Depot on October 4th.  Craig Robideau will give a safety presentation at the Town School on October 12th.


Chief Denardo reminded people to clean their chimneys for the heating season.  He also cautioned that pellet stoves are a source of CO2 and there should be adequate ventilation when using these.


Planning Commission – Bill Matteson


Mr. Matteson reported that the Dickinson subdivision has been postponed due to Ms. Dickinson not being able to attend the last meeting.  The Commission attended a class at the Stafford Technical Center on Storm Water Management.


Mr. Terenzini asked what the plan was for the zoning document going forward.  Mr. Matteson said the last day for the presentation of a petition to vote on the document is October 6th.  If there is no petition, then the Planning Commission will add changes suggested by the Select Board and make suggestions of their own and then start the process again.  This will probably take place in the spring/summer time frame.


Police Department – Officer Ed Dumas


Mr. Hall said that it appeared the Department had a busy two weeks based on the reports from the officers and Mr. Dumas acknowledged this.


Recreation – Jody Hall


Mr. Hall reported that the Recreation Commission had a meeting and elected new officers.   Mr. Hall is the Chairman, Mr. Cassarino is the Vice-Chair and Mr. Pockette is the secretary.


Mr. Terenzini said he felt that Mr. Rick DelBianco should have some sort of acknowledgment for his years of service.


Mr. Hall said that they had over one hundred sign-ups for soccer and the season will end on October 21st.  October 22nd starts sign-ups for basketball.  Flyers will be sent home with the children and a notice will be put in the Circle. 


The annual Halloween party is scheduled for Friday, October 30th, from 6”00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. in the gym and flyers will also be sent home for this as well as a notice in the Circle.


There is a tree blocking a light at Dewey Field that may need to come down.  There is also a light poll that was struck by lightening at Dewey Field and Mr. Rhodes suggested notifying someone who works for CVPS.


Mr. Hall brought up the need for resurfacing of the pool.  Mike Rowe said at the Recreation meeting that time is running out for this project.


Mr. Zingale asked that he be given electronic minutes of the Recreation meetings so he can post them on the website and Mr. Hall said that he would see that this is done.


Meeting at General Electric


Mr. Rhodes attended a meeting at the General Electric plant.  Also present were the Governor, Lt. Governor, House Speaker and many other dignitaries.


The Plant has a new Plant Manager.  It was reported that after the early retirement of over one hundred employees the local workforce will be around 920 with an average wage of $27 an hour.  The local plants bid for jobs against other G.E. plants in the country and have asked for support from local government to be as competitive as possible.  This would include the possibility of doing away with business personal property taxes as some other communities have done.  G. E. is also appealing its reappraisal. 


Mr. Rhodes said that the new GenX engine has a problem with the wing design but the plant is ready to go as soon as this is resolved.


Water and sewer issues were also discussed at the meeting.





Meeting on Routes 4 and 7


Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Terenzini attended a meeting on the upgrades to Routes 4 and 7. Some of the Federal stimulus money has been earmarked by Senator Sanders.  The upgrade is beginning Phase 2 which includes Strongs Avenue to Jackson and Madison to West Street.  A gateway is planned for the Main Street Park with new shrubbery, ornamental lights and a dead-end for the street behind the park. A walking/bicycle path along Main Street is also planned.  The project is already over budget so some cuts are expected.  Many permits are needed to start the project which is planned to begin in 2011 and go for two construction seasons.  The State has agreed to do all the paving.


Town Administrator – Joseph Zingale Jr.


Mr. Zingale reported that the decision on the Wilk flood plan is beyond his authority as it involves conditional use rather than permitted use.  He has to refer it to the Flood Hazard Zoning Board of Adjustment which is a three to nine member entity appointed by the Select Board.  This Board can set the term limits.  Mr. Rhodes said that he would like to see a Select Board member, Byron Hathaway and an engineer on this Board.  Mr. Zingale will check with Blair Enman to se if he would be the engineer.


Mr. Zingale sent a letter to the City listing all the businesses in the Airport Park that should be paying money to the Town for waste water.  Mr. Zingale attended a meeting with the Airport Park manager, Jamie Stewart, Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Hall.  The following procedure has been put in place.  The City will read the meters and send the bills to the Town.  The Town will add O & M costs and mail the bills.  The Town will collect the money and sent the City their portion.  The Airport businesses have requested that the Town consider lowering the O&M costs from 20% to 10%.  Currently, the businesses may owe as much as $14,000 in past fees but feel they have overpaid the City so the amount may be lowered.  They have also asked the City to lower their rates.  The Select Board decided to wait to see what the City does before deciding on the O&M costs.


The work to be done at the Transfer Station has not been re-advertised for bids as Mr.Dicton and Mr. Hall feel the work should be put off until the spring due to weather constraints.  The current available $2, 000 will be used for a project that Mr. Flory feels needs to be done first.  Mr. Hall and Mr. Dicton feel that the rest of the work may need to be presented to the public as a line item budget to get the money needed to do the work properly.


Mr. Rhodes needs to sign paperwork for the grant for the McKinley bridge project.  Mr. Hathaway and Mr. Zingale attended a meeting in Montpelier on this project.  Mr. Zingale has registered the Town with the Federal government on line and has obtained an ID number.  Mr. Hall motioned for the Town to go forward with the project which includes adding to the Highway budget the five percent match of $30,000 and Mr. Dicton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Zingale reported that the final inspection for the Pinnacle Ridge/US Route 7 intersection is to take place and the Board is invited.  Mr. Hall will be attending for the Board.





Open Select Board Seat


Mr. Terenzini asked if the Board should go into executive session to discuss the appointment of a replacement for Mr. DelBianco’s seat.  It was felt that this was not necessary.  The Board discussed appointing a past member so that some experience would come with the appointment.   Two names discussed were Rod Cioffi and Steve Hawley.  Also mentioned was Mr. Craig Robideau’s letter of interest.  There was a brief discussion as to whether the appointee would serve the remaining two and a half years or only the six months until the next election in March.  Mr. Zingale said that he had talked to the Town Attorney and the Secretary of State and either scenario is allowable but the election in March would be for a three year term.  Feedback from those present favored having a new Board member elected in March.  Mr. Hall motioned to appoint Steve Hawley until March and Mr. Dicton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.




Mr. Zingale reported that he sent a letter of support for the Brownfield Project.  He asked that anyone who knows of any petroleum contaminated sites to let the Town know as there are monies available for help in cleaning them up.


Mr. Rhodes reported that the Select Board received three thank you letters from scholarship recipients Eric Denardo, Ethan Peterson and Danielle Lovett.


Chief Sly gave a report that said the Town would need twenty-one speed limit signs to inform drivers entering the Town of the Town’s speed limit.  Officer Dumas said that the reason these may be needed is to prove violations.


Dog Complaint Hearing


The hearing started at 8:00 P.M.  The Town had asked that Jane Quigley be present to discuss the incidences of her dog biting residents.  It was discovered that she has two poodles, Reuben, who has been banned from the City for biting and Arlo, who is the subject of the recent incidences in Rutland Town.  After a brief discussion on the safety issues, Mr. Terenzini motioned to ban both dogs from the Town.  Mr. Dicton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The hearing ended at 8:08 P.M.




Mr. Terenzini asked about the donation to St. Peter’s church in remembrance of Mr. Richard J. DelBianco.  Mr. Rhodes said that Ms. Hyjek would send a check to the church.


It was mentioned that Thomas Patch, a past member of the Rutland Town Fire Department, passed away.  He has had other family member serve and some still serving on the Fire Department. Chief Denardo said that there is only one active Charter member left.


Mr. Terenzini motioned to end the meeting.  Mr. Hall seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting ended at 8:11 P.M.