MINUTES: August 30, 2011


Board members present: Stanley Rhodes III, Joe Dicton, Joshua Terenzini and James Hall


The Meeting opened at 6:55 P.M. with the pledge of allegiance.


Mr. Rhodes requested a moment of silence for the Garafano Family. Mr. Rhodes said Mr. Garafano was a public servant and that he passed away serving the public.


Mr. Rhodes extended condolences from the Board to the Garafano Family.


Mr. Hawley moved to approve the 8-16-11 minutes as presented. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Town resident Ms. Lisa Sweat met with the Board and inquired as the Board’s position regarding relocating the river. Mr. Rhodes discussed the matter with Mr. Hathaway. Mr. Rhodes asked Mr. Hathaway to make re-routing the river back into the channel a priority.


Mr. Dicton asked Mr. Hathaway to also look at Mr. Dan Turgeon’s problem associated with the river.


Mr. Rhodes thanked Mr. Hathaway and Town Fire Chief Joe Denardo for their work and efforts during the recent flooding.


Town Road Commissioner: Mr. Byron Hathaway reported:


  1. A culvert on the Quarterline Road which failed during the recent storm will be increased in size when replaced


  1. Needs to calculate how much material will be required to repair a washout on the Quarterline.


  1. There was a minor washout on Boardman Hill Rd.


  1. Lost part of the shoulder on the Gleason Rd.


  1. There was damage to culver on Timber Ln and the Post Rd.


  1. Needs to increase the size of the culvert at the intersection of Prospect Hill Rd. and the East Pittsford Rd.


  1. Have removed 72 tandem truckloads of mud from McKinley Avenue and Post Rd.


  1. Informed the Board that he had cleared some mud from the Post Rd. pump Station so A-1 Sewer can get in to work on the station.


  1. Discussed other flooding issues with Board


Mr. Rhodes acknowledged the fact that several individuals have said Mr. Hathaway does a good job for the Town of Rutland.


Mr. Hall cited the fact a lot of traffic is on the Cold River Road due to the closure of US RT 7


Town Clerk & Treasurer:  Ms. Marie Hyjek reported:


  1. Taxes are do on the 10th
  2. The Town Office will be closed on Sept 5, 2011 for Labor Day
  3. The School will not open until Tuesday September 6th
  4. Has ordered the new message Board for the Transfer Station
  5. Have received the local option wire transfer from the State
  6. Will submit a claim to VLCT for the pump station
  7. Reported there is over $1 million dollars in the Water and sewer accounts


Recreation Director: Mike Rowe:


  1. Reviewed recent Northwood Park improvement expenditures with Mr. Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes said there is a balance of $5,163.00 remaining in the budget approved by the voters.
  2. Mr. Rhodes said he would like to purchase a needed $3,400.00 valve from the remaining $5,163.00


Mr. Hawley moved to purchase the valve and automatic pool cleaner from the remaining $125,000.00 refurbishing money and any addition money for the depreciation fund. Mr. Rhodes said $400.00 would come from the depreciation fund. Mr. Dicton made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Terenzini said Mr. Rhodes did a good job coordinating the Northwood Park Pool repairs.


  1. Reported the Pool cover is on the pool
  2. K- thru 6th grade soccer registrations are on going and available at the Town Municipal Building
  3. Said the power washing done at Del Bianco Park at Dewey Field looks great

Solid Waste Alliance Communities & Rutland Transportation Council:  Mr. Shields reported:


No meeting No Report


Regional Planning Commission Mr. Fred Nicholson reported:


No meeting No Report


Planning Commission: Mr. William Matteson reported:


Not Present


Police Department: Chief John Sly reported:


Not present


Town Administrator:  Mr. Joseph Zingale reported:


Not Present


Mr. Hall read a letter regarding the postponement of the mandated replacement of various motor vehicle roadside signs.


Mr. Rhodes reviewed packet correspondence.


The Board reviewed the Hubbard Brothers and Earl Truck Repair proposals for repair of the town’s 40-yard compactor box. The Hubbard’s submitted a bid of $1,703.00 and Earl’s submitted a bid of $2,200.00.


Mr. Hall moved to proceed with the proposal from Earl’s Truck Repair. Mr. Hawley made a second to the motion. Mr. Rhodes said the money would come from the Transfer Station maintenance account. The motion passed unanimously.


The Board will have Mr. Fred Nicholson be the Town’s voting delegate at the VLCT Annual Meeting.


Mr. Rhodes read scholarship thank you letters from; Emily Gunn, Alex Cohen, Kala Kenney and? ?


Mr. Hawley read the notice for a Vermont Emergency Management course to be held at the Rutland Hospital. Mr. Denardo encouraged Town employees to take the course.


Fire Chief: Joseph Denardo reported:


  1. Told the Board he will have the Basic Emergency Operation Plan to the Board for the next meeting.
  2. Thanked Mr. Hathaway and CVPS for their help during the recent flooding
  3. Told the Board that 35 homes in town regained power earlier in the day
  4. Discussed flooding response with Board


Mr. Hall read a letter sent by Town Police Captain John Paul Faignant to Town School Principal Patty Stannard regarding a school bus stop safety matter. Mr. Dicton said he would like a direct response from Ms. Stannard and the Town School Board as to why Mr. Faignant’s concerns are not valid.


Mr. Rhodes read a prepared statement regarding the status of Zoning Regulations. Mr. Rhodes said the people should have the right to vote on whether there are zoning regulations and the matter should not be decided by three of five Board members.


Mr. Rhodes said the Town would lose the $7,800.00 grant if the Planning Commission does not continue with zoning work. Mr. Dicton said he is not prepared to vote on whether the Planning Commission should continue with zoning adoption. 


Mr. Hall said he would support putting the item before the voters however he questioned what the Board would do if it does not like the zoning document from the Planning Commission. Mr. Rhodes said the Board should not get hung up on whether there will be a Development Review Board or a Zoning Board of Adjustment.


Mr. Nicholson said zoning regulations would free up developers from having to go to Act 250 if there parcel is over an acre and less than 10 acres. Mr. Hawley said he favors minimal zoning.


Mr. Terenzini said although he does not support zoning he thinks the residents should have the right to vote on whether there are zoning regulations.


Mr. Terenzini moved to close the meeting. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed  unanimously.