MINUTES: August 27, 2012

Board members present: Stanley Rhodes, Steve Hawley, Jim Hall and John Paul Faignant

The Meeting opened at 6:30 P.M.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.

The Board reviewed the minutes of July 31, 2012. Mr. Hawley moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 3 to 0. Mr. Faignant abstained from the vote.

The Board reviewed the August 6, 2012 Zoning Meeting. Mr. Hall moved to approve the minutes as printed. Mr. Faignant made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board reviewed the minutes of August 14, 2012. Mr. Faignant moved to accept the minutes as corrected. Mr. Hawley made a second to the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 3 to 0. Mr. Hall abstained from the vote.

Mr. Rhodes read a thank you note sent to the Board from Mary Olson, who was awarded a Town College Scholarship award.

Town Clerk & Treasurer: Ms. Marie Hyjek reported:

  1. Cited the fact she had given the Board the quarterly 1% wire transfer information. She said the transfer amount is $263.194.00

  2. Told the Board the 1979 tanker sale is final. She asked the Board if the $2,500.00 revenue should go into the Depreciation fund? Board members had no objection putting the revenue in the Depreciation fund.

  3. Informed the Board they need to review correspondence from the Bond Bank regarding the Center Rutland Fire Station. Ms. Hyjek reviewed items addressed in the correspondence. Mr. Hawley said the Fire department will schedule a couple of informational hearing to be held at the school cafeteria.

  4. Ms. Hyjek reminded the Board regarding revisiting the water & sewer operation and maintenance charges. Mr. Rhodes said the Board decided about a year and a half ago to put the O&M charges on hold. He said the Board will revisit the matter if the Water & Sewer accounts go below $750,000.00. Mr. Hawley moved to suspend the O&M charges for sewer & water for six months and to revisit the matter in April. Mr. Faignant made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Rhodes read the proposed ballot wording for the Center Rutland Fire Station renovations. Mr. Hall said the Fire Chief plans on holding an information meeting at the Center Rutland Station in addition to the hearing required by the bond vote.

Regional Planning Commission Mr. Fred Nicholson reported:

  1. Told the Board he would be attending the RRPC retreat over the next few days.

Mr. Hall moved to appoint Mr. Nicholson as the Town's voting delegate to the VLCT annual meeting. Mr. Hawley made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Town Road Commissioner: Mr. Byron Hathaway reported:

  1. Reminded town residents that the flashing lights at the Town school have been turned on. He said he would watch the lights for a couple of days to make sure they are coming on at the proper time.

  2. Informed the Board that Wilk paving had completed Town road paving as of Friday August 24th.

Mr. Hall and Mr. Hathaway discussed whether contract snowplow drivers should receive a pay rate raise. Mr. Hathaway said contractors are now pay $58.00 per hour to plow for the Town.

Mr. Hathaway said a rate adjustment should be considered. He said he could talk to a couple contract drivers and find out what their insurance and fuel cost are and then decided if we should be paying more. Mr. Hathaway said he thinks the $58.00 is below par. He said it boils down to what is left out of your operating cost to pay the operator.

Mr. Hathaway said in the 80's operators were making $5.00 to $8.00 per hour after operating cost before he got the Town to raise the amount. Mr. Rhodes encouraged Mr. Hathaway to perform the same analysis annually.

Mr. Hall told Board members that in the months of July and August he took his granddaughter to the Town pool and that the pool is very well run. He said the pool area was clean and run professionally. Mr. Rhodes said compared to what the Town of Pittsford is paying the Town of Rutland is getting a good deal with Mr. Rowe.

Town Administrator: Mr. Joseph Zingale reported:

  1. Informed the Board that Mr. Alphonse Coccia has removed his dilapidated structure from Forest way.

  2. Informed the Board that a Town resident planned to submit a petition to stop the adoption of the “Lock box” ordinance.

  3. Informed the Board he would be attending a meeting with Mr. John Kalish the site of the proposed “Commons” Shopping Center regarding an application to the State of Vermont for an exit onto US RT 7 South.

  4. Informed the Board that he would report to the Board regarding waste water testing at the next meeting.

  5. Cited a letter to the Board from Town resident Mr. Dave Lambert regarding visibility problems entering US RT 7 from Pinnacle Ridge Road. Mr. Faignant said a property owner can be cited as the cause of an accident if those attending block visibility and an accident results. Mr. Faignant said in the past when he asked those at the Pinnacle Ridge intersection to move back, they did. The Board will instruct Chief Dumas to visit the location and Mr. Zingale is to make the State aware of the concern.

Mr. Rhodes cited the sidewalk feasibility grant application as prepared by Mr. Hathaway. Mr. Rhodes said he would like copies of the letters in the application.

The Board considered and signed the Center Rutland Corridor Water & Sewer feasibility study.

Mr. Rhodes said the next Fire Committee meeting would be on August 28th. Mr. Hall said the meeting will be at the McKinley Station.

Mr. Rhodes said the bids for the building power washing and repairing the chimney are due on September 25th.

Mr. Hall asked Mr. Zingale to place a notice at the CenterRutland Station stating the meeting on the 28th is at the McKinley Station.

Mr. Hall said the Fire Station architects would like to meet with the Board. Mr. Rhodes said they could be on the next agenda. Mr. Hall said a decision has to be made on which building design to chose. Mr. Rhodes said the Fire committee would present their selection at the meeting.

The Board discussed scheduling the next zoning review meeting. Mr. Faignant said sometime in September after the next meeting would be good.

Mr. Zingale will get prices for a compactor box and an open top container.

The Board discussed whether to jointly or individually purchase a roadside mower or whether to continue the practice of contracting the work.

Mr. Hall said based on history he thinks the Town should purchase a new or used mower with another town with the following conditions;

  1. The Town would do the mowing with existing town employees

  2. The Town's purchasing partner would store the equipment

Mr. Hall said with a combined purchase the unit would pay for itself in 2 to 3 years. Mr. Rhodes said he feels the opposite. He said the work has always been subbed out and that the equipment would get limited use each year. Mr. Rhodes said it should not be used to make work for Town employees.

Mr. Rhodes said the Highway Garage should be built before purchasing equipment. He said with a garage the Town would have a place to store the equipment.

Mr. Hawley said because the Rutland Town nor the Town of Mendon have a place to store the equipment, a third town would be needed. He said the question then would be whether all three town would want to use the equipment at the same time.

Mr. Hathaway said there is a surplus in his budget to purchase a used or new mower with an adjacent town(s), however, he said the money is always rolled over into re treatment for the following year.

Mr. Rhodes said if the Board decides to purchase a mower it should set the money aside, budget for it and let the taxpayers decided rather than interrupt the re treatment (paving) plan. Mr. Hall and Mr. Hawley said they agree with Mr. Rhodes.

Mr. Hawley said he is concerned all towns involved may want the mower at the same time. Mr. Nicholson said it would take 60 hours to mow Rutland Town once and that it would take 80 hours to mow Clarendon once. He said there is enough time to mow both towns in the the month of June and again in August.

Mr. Faignant said he would like to put the work out to bid to see what price the Town receives. Mr. Hathaway said the Board could save the taxpayer some money by making a joint purchase. He said in 2008, 2009 and 2010 the Town spent $22,000.00 for mowing. Mr. Hathaway said by purchasing a used mower with another Town for $28,000.00, the Town would pay off the purchase in two years.

Mr. Faignant said Mr. Hathaway needs to figure in the employee cost to the purchase price. Mr. Hathaway said he would be able to do the mowing within his existing schedule. Mr. Hathaway said he would have to rearrange his construction schedule to get the mowing work done. Mr. Hathaway said the Highway Department could absorb 120 additional summer hours. Mr. Hawley said the Board needs to make a decision by January. Mr. Rhodes said the Board does not have the money to buy a mower at this time.

Mr. Hathaway will speak with the Clarendon Road Commissioner and will report back to the Board.

Town Listers Messrs. Howard Burgess and Dean Davis met with the Board and discussed their plan to hire a consultant to adjust the values on the Town Grand List. Mr. Burgess told the Board that currently the CLA is at 104 % and that they are estimating it will be at 111% next year.

Mr. Burgess said adjustments need to be made to bring down the values on the Grand List. Mr. Burgess said Mr. Tom Vickery, who did the Town's 1998 reappraisal, has offered to meet with the listers and make some suggestions.

Mr. Burgess said one of Mr. Vickery’s associates would work with the Town. Mr. Burgess said the job needs to be done. Mr. Rhodes asked if the work would adjust Business Personnel property. Mr. Burgess said it would not effect Business Personel property.

Mr. Burgess said because the Town has made so many adjustments to the 2009 reappraisal it is not fair to those who did not seek adjustments. Mr. Burgess said the land schedule needs to be address.

Mr. Faignant asked if the adjustment would be a flat across the board change. Mr. Burgess said the adjustment will not be flat. Mr. Burgess said the sales of the larger homes in town is a problem. He said some of the sales are way under the Town's assessment. He said the problem is not so bad with average housing.

Mr. Burgess said the change can't be across the board since a bunch have been fixed and do not now need to be adjusted. The Listers and Board members discussed the need for an adjustment to the Grand List further and Mr. Rhodes asked the Listers to keep the Board informed.

Mr. Hawley questioned Mr. Zingale regarding the status of the Rutland Rail Way Association's grant application. Mr. Zingale said the matter is still on hold.

The Board reviewed packet correspondence.

Recreation Director: Mike Rowe reported:

Not present

Fire Chief: Joseph Denardo reported:

Transportation Council & SWAC: Charles Shields reported:

No Meeting no report.

Police Chief: Ed Dumas reported:

Not present

Planning Commission: William Matteson:

Not Present

Mr. Faignant moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 P.M. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.