August 17, 2010





The meeting opened at 6:50 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board members present:  James Callahan, James Hall,  Steve Hawley, Stanley Rhodes III and Josh Terenzini


Review of 8/3/2010 Minutes


Three errors were corrected:  one regarding who is on the Fire Committee for the Select Board, one regarding the date Mr. Terenzini could not attend a Select Board meeting and one on page five regarding adding "as a postal service designation" to Center Rutland.  Mr. Hall motioned to accept the minutes with these changes and Mr. Hawley seconded the motion.  All were in approval with the exception of Mr. Terenzini who abstained.


Carolyn Schwalbe - Candidate for State Senate


Carolyn Schwalbe, a candidate for the State Senate from Rutland County,  was present to ask the Board what were some of the issues they would like addressed in the State Senate. She has previously served on the Barstow School Board.


Mr. Rhodes brought up the cost of education in regards to property taxes and the student to teacher ratio.  Ms. Schwalbe said that she feels that Act 60 should be replaced and the term "access to equal education opportunities" be a measureable entity.


Mr. Hall said that he would like to see the school districts consolidated, i.e. Supervisory Unions.  He also is concerned about transportation funds being used for other purposes.  Unfunded mandates was a third issue Mr. Hall would like to see addressed.


Mr. Callahan said that the cost of power, especially in regards to manufacturing, was important to keep plants here and save jobs. He advocates the continued use of nuclear power, but perhaps in smaller nuclear plants.  He also said he is not in favor of the current philosophy of redistribution of wealth in the State.  He feels overtaxing the rich hampers them creating businesses and jobs.


 Ms. Schwalbe said that losing businesses and young people who can't find jobs here in Vermont affects tax revenue.


Mr. Rhodes brought up the Current Use Program and said the State is accusing some towns of abusing it.  Mr. Matteson was adamant that if someone qualifies then that is not abuse.


Ms. Schwalbe added the poor infrastructure, i.e., roadways and the need for broadband internet.  She also talked about the Act 250 process as being "swift, fair and predictable" which currently it is not.


Highway - Byron Hathaway


Mr. Hathaway said he is still waiting for some paving to be done.


Next week bids are due in for additional equipment for the new Town truck.


Mr. Hathaway has the new Grover Drive signs and will discuss with Mr. Zingale, the 911 co-coordinator, the numbering of the houses.


"Welcome to Rutland Town" signs on Route 7 N and near the Hogge Penny on Route 4 E, are in need of repair/replacement.  Mr. Hathaway will get bids for new ones and take down the old ones.


Mr. Rhodes has talked to Mrs. Langill about cutting some of her trees on Countryside Drive to improve visibility. It was agreed that trees will be cut fifteen feet off the pavement.  Mr. Hathaway is advised to cut them as soon as possible.


Mr. Rhodes had a question about asphalt at the transfer station. Mr. Hathaway said that it is piled up until there is a truckload and then hauled away.


Ms. Hyjek asked Mr. Hathaway to check the parking signs in the Town Hall parking lot.


Mr. Hathaway was given a certificate in recognition of his attaining a Vermont Road Scholar Level 3 which involved substantial hours of training.


Planning Commission - Bill Matteson


Mr. Matteson reported that members of the Planning Commission made a site visit to Amanda Place and discussed the road with the residents.  He said that he measured the grade and didn't find anything  over 12%.  He suggested that the Town have a "Hold Harmless" agreement with the residents regarding drainage, existing wells and the retaining wall.


Police Department - Chief John Sly


Chief Sly warned the public that there are a lot of scams being perpetrated on the telephone and the internet.  He advised that no one give out any personal information.





Chief Sly also researched the current Liquor/Tobacco license application for Smokey's Bar-B-Q and said it was okay to sign.  Mr. Hall was concerned that Smokey's has not paid their water/sewer bills.  It was agreed that this is not part of the Liquor/Tobacco license application.  Mr. Terenzini motioned to sign the Liquor/Tobacco application for Smokey's Bar-

B-Q and Mr. Hawley seconded the motion.  Four were in favor and Mr. Hall was opposed to the motion.


Mr. Terenzini was concerned about the recent home invasions in the newspaper.  He asked if there were a lot in Rutland Town.  Chief Sly said not as many as in the City or remote areas.


Recreation - Mike Rowe


Mr. Rowe reported that the pool is closed and that they had a great summer, only having to close one day.  He asked the Select Board if he should drain the pool, or just bring it down three feet as usual and cover it.  The Board felt this was dependent on the advice of an engineer in regards to needed repairs.   Mr. Zingale is to contact Pete Andrews for advice.  If repairs to the pool are in excess of monies in the depreciation fund, then this issue needs to go before the voters.


Mr. Hall asked about returning pool employees and Mr. Rowe said he felt that eight out of ten will probably return next year.


Soccer sign-ups will begin on Monday, August 23rd, at the School Open House.


Town Administrator  - Joseph Zingale Jr.


The Marshall and Swift Cost Tables for the Listers are up for renewal at a cost of $231.85. Mr. Hall motioned to accept the proposal from Marshall and Swift and Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


VTRANS is removing some "No Parking" signs near the Home Depot.


Funding for the sidewalk near the Town School is in limbo as the spring application date was missed.  There is no money in the Safe Roads and Schools Fund and probably there will not be in the near future.  An application from the Town needs to made in the spring for a grant.


Mr. Zingale has prepared an application, as suggested by the Routes 4 & 7 Committee, for a curb cut on Cop John Drive so that Farrell Distributing trucks can access their business.  Mr. Rhodes needs to sign it.  Mr. Zingale suggested the possible need for a traffic expert to back up the application.


The State Employees Credit Union will build this year.  They have increased the size and footprint of the building so that they need to apply for an amendment to the Act 250 permit.




Mr. Zingale passed out a copy of a letter concerning a residential tax appeal settlement that could be discussed in executive session.


At 7:50 P.M., Mr. Callahan motioned to go into executive session with representatives of the Red Roof Inn, to discuss their water and sewer rates.  Also to be discussed are tax appeals under consideration.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


The Board came out of executive session at 8:51 P.M.


Mr. Callahan motioned to approve the $600,000 McPhee property assessment. Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Mr. Hawley motioned to have the City give a refund on the water overcharge for the Northwood pool. Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Mr. Hall motioned to have the proposed fire ordinances suggested by Chief Denardo moved to committee.  Mr. Callahan seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Mr. Hawley motioned to have Fred Nicholson be the Town's representative to the annual VLCT meeting.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Mr. Hawley motioned to accept the Information Business Services contract.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Mr. Hawley motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.  The meeting ended at 9:15 P.M.




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