MINUTES: July 19, 2011


Board members present: Stanley Rhodes III, Steven Hawley, Joshua Terenzini and James Hall


The Meeting opened at 6:40 P.M. with the pledge of allegiance.


Mr. Hawley moved to approve the July 5, 2011 minutes with corrections. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 3 to 0. Mr. Terenzini abstained from the vote.


Town resident Mr. Ken Decandio met with the Board regarding a request to add a second driveway access to his East Pittsford Road property. Mr. Decandio told the Board:




Mr. Rhodes expressed a concern that the driveway access if granted could be used to access the 50 acres in Pittsford.


Town Road Commissioner, Mr. Byron Hathaway, said there is no technical reason to deny the request. He said there is plenty of site distance. Mr. Hathaway suggested Mr. Decandio be allowed the access on the condition it would be reviewed if development is proposed.


Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Hall said Mr. Decandio should meet with the Planning Commission before the Board takes any action. Mr. Decandio said he would meet with the Planning Commission.


Town Clerk & Treasurer:  Ms. Marie Hyjek reported:


1.      Cited the fact that she had given Board members revenue &budget updates


2.      Reported the Mead wood sale account is now over $50,000.00.


3.      Cited the Lister account, in the information she gave to the Board, and said the amount is not included in the budget. She said money from the account would pay for lister training for the Town’s new lister.


4.      She told the Board that transfer station and motor vehicle revenues were down and that traffic fine and recording and deeds and miscellaneous revenues are up.


Mr. Rhodes said the Town went over in some accounts and under in others and that Ms. Hyjek had a balance of $104,000.00 in the general, which she uses to operate until she receives the first tax payment in September.


Ms. Hyjek informed the Board that taxpayers have complained to the Town school Principal regarding the condition of the bulletin board in front of the Town School. Ms. Hyjek said State law requires her to post certain notices in 5 locations public places. She said the school location is critical.


The Board discussed the matter with Ms. Hyjek and it was decided the Board would put up a new bulletin board at the Transfer Station. Mr. Hawley moved to purchase a 36” x 24” display board. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Rhodes reviewed the 2011-2012 Homestead Tax Rate, which includes the Town rate, the school rate and local agreement. He said the Homestead rate is $1.40. He said the non-residential rate is $1.50.


Mr. Rhodes cited the following items:



Mr. Rhodes said the new Town tax rate is $1.4016 and the non-residential tax rate is $1.5018 He said last year the homestead rate was $1.4075 and the non-residential tax rate was $ 1.5118. Mr. Rhodes said the Board and Department Heads are holding the line on expenses.


Mr. Hall moved to set the homestead tax rate at $1.4016 and the non-residential tax rate at $1.5018. Mr. Hawley made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Solid Waste Alliance Communities & Rutland Transportation Council:  Mr. Shields reported:


1.      No meeting, no report.


2.      Encouraged the Board to apply for a VTrans Enhancement Grant to construct a sidewalk from the School to Chasanna Drive. The Board instructed Mr. Zingale to look into submitting an application.


Regional Planning Commission Mr. Fred Nicholson reported:


  1. No meeting, No report.


  1. Informed the Board he had been unanimously re-elected Chairman of the Regional Commission for one more year.


Town Road Commissioner: Mr. Byron Hathaway reported:


  1. He has completed construction on the roads to be paved this year.


  1. Is on schedule to begin paving with Tom Fuller next week.


  1. Reported the Town Truck is running fine.


Mr. Rhodes announced the Fire Committee would be meeting with members of the Fire Department later in the week to discuss what can be done with the Fire Station.


Fire Chief: Joseph Denardo reported:


Not present


Planning Commission: Mr. William Matteson reported:


Not present


Mr. Zingale reported that he and Mr. Matteson had met with the engineer working for the Aldi’s Food Store and that the project was moving forward. Mr. Zingale noted that the building would be located partially in the Town and the City.


Police Department: Chief John Sly reported:


1.      Reminded and encouraged town resident s to call the police if they see anyone in their neighborhood they feel does not belong. Mr. Sly cited recent burglaries, which have occurred in town. Encouraged individuals to keep their home locked.


Recreation Director: Mike Rowe:


1.      The pool is doing well


2.      Allen Pools will finish fixing the pump next Tuesday.


3.      The Over Head door will also be installed next week


4.      There are two town teams in the Junior Babe Ruth Tournament


5.      Told the Board he posted soccer registration on the school’s web site.


6.      Mowing is going well


7.      Told the board he needs clay for the ball fields. The Board advised to purchase the minimum order and save what he does not use.


8.      He told the Board he can be reached at the phone numbers 779-2518 & 772-7314


9.      Informed the Board he would remove several broken picnic tables at Dewey Field and will not replace until next year. Mr. Hathaway will assist in the removal of the broken tables.


Mr. Rhodes informed Board members that he spoke with Mr. Jode Hall following the Board’s last meeting and that Mr. Hall said he had notified all recreation members of the Board’s action to do away with the recreation commission.


Mr. Rhodes informed the Board that an individual told him that the dogs are being allowed to run loose at Northwood Park. Mr. Rowe said he did not know of any problems.


Mr. Zingale told the Board that a Town resident had complained that he could not take dogs running loose any more. Mr. Zingale told the Board that the individual said people he knows had been knocked down and injured by the loose dogs.


Mr. Hawley said the Board might have to shut the park off to dogs if owners do not take care of their dogs and pick up their waste. Mr. Rhodes said the Board would discuss the matter at a future meeting.



Mr. Rhodes reviewed a document outlining the time spent by the Town Highway department assisting the Recreation Commission. Mr. Rhodes said the Commission should reimburse the Highway Department the $1, 724.53 in highway expenses.


Mr. Hall moved to internally reimburse the Highway Department from the recreation Department for the amount of $1, 724.53. Mr. Terenzini made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Town Administrator:  Mr. Joseph Zingale reported:


1.      Told the Board that there are Historic Preservation and Recreation grants available for the Town to apply. Mr. Zingale said the needed Town Hall chimney repair could receive a 50% grant match and that the recreation Commission could apply for up to $25,000.00. The Board instructed Mr. Zingale to pursue the Historic Preservation grant and for Mr. Rowe to check into the Recreation grant.


2.      Told the Board it needs to schedule the Flory’s Plaza clean up matter (on an agenda) in order to receive testimony from various Town officials in preparation for any court action to be taken by the Town.  Mr. Rhodes said the Board would wait and schedule the matter when there is a full Board.


3.      Informed the Board there are $500.00 grants available from Go-Vermont to assist in building a statewide outreach and advocacy network for Go-Vermont.


4.      Told the Board the Town received $20,000.00 in revenue for wood sales from the Mead lot.


5.      Informed the Board he had spoken with Mr. Fred Hammond who is going to give the Town a price for wood grinding and removal.


6.      Told the Board that the Health Office has not heard from the landowners who abandoned their pool and left the area.


7.      Told the Board that Mr. Jim Earl had removed the broken rocking horse toy at Dewey Field Del Bianco Park and had covered the area to grade. Mr. Zingale said if would have cost $650.00 to fix the equipment.


8.      Informed the Board that he had issued one peddler permit since the last meeting. He said another individual decided not to apply when he was told the application asks whether the applicant had every been convicted.


The Board reviewed the Peddlers Permit History prepared by Mr. Zingale. Mr. Rhodes said the original idea was to get individuals to register so the Board would know who is doing what in Town. Mr. Rhodes said the $100.00 permit fee takes money away from the self-employed vendor.

Mr. Rhodes said there are 4 or 5 honest people who get a permit every year. He sited the fact there are peddlers in Town without permits. Mr. Rhodes said he would like the Board to consider doing away with the Peddlers permit fee. Mr. Hawley said the Town should administer the permit and not charge a fee.


Mr. Terenzini moved to eliminate the $100.00 Peddlers fee. Mr. Hawley made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


 Mr. Zingale told the Board that it appears that the annual mud volley ball fundraiser may need a permit under the Town’s Public Assembly ordinance.


The Board reviewed packet correspondence regarding:



Mr. Terenzini moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:52 P.M. Mr. Hall made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.