June 22, 2010





The meeting opened at 6:50 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board members present:James Callahan, James Hall, Steve Hawley, Stanley Rhodes III and Josh Terenzini.


Review of 6/8/2010 Minutes


Mr. Hawley motioned to accept the minutes as written.Mr. Hall seconded the motion.All were in approval.


New Business


Susan Schreibman was present to discuss the proposal to make a portion of Route 4 a State Byway.She said that West Rutland had just joined and appointed Mary Ann Goulette to the committee.Mr. Matteson said that the Planning Commission had voted unanimously to support the start up of the process and he would volunteer to be an alternate to the committee.Mr. Callahan motioned to sign the letter of support and appoint Fred Nicholson to the committee.Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.The motion passed unanimously.


Rail Yard Relocation


Dave Wulfson, the Vermont Railway president, was present to discuss the rail yard relocation and the history thereof for the newer members of the Select Board.He stated that this has been an ongoing discussion for ten years.Money has been spent by the State, the Railway and the Rutland Redevelopment Authority to study viable locations.Federal money is available but a solution needs to be agreed upon. To date, no plan has been endorsed by all parties, i.e., the State, Rutland Town, Rutland City and the Railway.


Mr. Wilson explained the need for a new rail yard.Rutland has become a hub and rail traffic has increased.Amtrak has been added.When gas prices went up, more businesses were interested in using rail vs. trucking.The railroad is more environmentally friendly but their infrastructure is old.To keep up with demand, Vermont Railway has had to add tracks wherever they could find room, but this is not the optimum solution.Due to the increased train traffic, an added burden has been put on Rutland area in terms of noise and longer delays at crossings due to longer trains.


Mr. Rhodes asked what were the current options and which one(s) did Vermont Railway think were the best solution(s).Mr. Wilson said the original option, which was between Park Street and north of the New Route 4.There was a question on wetlands with this plan.The second option was to close off part of Park Street in the City but neither the City or the Town were agreeable to this unless there was a bridge or tunnel to avoid shutting off the street.This would be an expensive endeavor and the State wanted a less expensive solution.It was stated that the engineers hired to review this option did not do enough research.


Mr. Matteson asked if Barry Leach's plan was looked at for Center Rutland.Ray Leonard said he remembered Tom McCauley saying that there was not sufficient width available in this area. Also, Whitehall was brought up but Mr. Wilson said that the tracks there belong to CP and they have to be get in and out in a timely fashion.Property north of Route 3 was looked at and this would help but not eliminate the Howe Center facility.


Chief Denardo said it would be more efficient to use the old rail bed as a road.


Mr. Hall asked if the Railway had laid out what exactly they need and Mr. Wilson said that they had.Mr. Wilson said he didn't want to lock into an Environmental Assessment without concurrence from all parties involved.He said the Town and the City need to agree on something.He also added that having six Secretaries of Transportation and six Rail Directors in five years has increased the problem.


The Board asked Mr. Wilson to give them a sketch of where the heavy train traffic is on the "X" that goes through the Rutland area and sends trains to their destinations.Mr. Rhodes said that the Select Board would get with the City's Board of Alderman to try and agree on a plan.


Town Clerk/Treasurer - Marie Hyjek


The Town Office will be closed on Monday, July 5th, in observance of July 4th.


At the next Select Board hearing on July 6th, the Board will have to sign off on the remaining bills from fiscal year 2009-2010.


The school has secured an $850,000 line of credit from TD Banknorth at 2.25% interest.It may be possible to have a line of credit of $750,000 for the Town.


There are three delinquent Town sewer users and two Flory Heights users.MR. Lloyd has reduced the delinquency for 2009 from $24,735.05 to $1,409.82.


Ms. Hyjek would like to have the Board get involved with the problem she is having with Fire District #1 and the timing of the bills to be sent to users.Mr. Hawley asked that Ms. Hyjek give the Board a timeline on the billing schedule for Flory Heights.Sharon Jozwiak and Howard Burgess will be asked to attend the next meeting.




The municipal retirement plan has been changed to 9.25% from the employee and 6.5% from the Town.


VLCT did a payroll audit report and Ms. Hyjek was concerned that the amount allotted to cover Mr. Zingale, as the administrator for water and sewer was too high.She is waiting to hear back from them.If the amount is changed, then the Town will receive a refund.


The warrant to destroy unlicensed dogs was given to all three town officers.Currently, there are 486 registered dogs in the Town.Mr. Hall motioned to sign the warrant and Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.All were in approval.


Chief Sly will review the liquor/tobacco license application from K-Mart before the Board signs it.


The Board needs to sign the Mac Equipment license renewal.


The Board also needs to sign the agreement between CVPS and the Town for storing one of the fire trucks a CVPS while the McKinley Bridge project in process.Chief Denardo said that CVPS wants a liability waiver for when hose testing is done.Mr. Rhodes said to desist testing hose until the issue can be reviewed.Mr. Hawley motioned to sign the current agreement with CVPS and Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.All were in approval.


Fire Department -Chief Denardo


The fireworks display will take place on Sunday, July 4th at Northwood Park. The rain date will be July 5th.Chief Denardo said that some apparatus will be out of town on July 4th for parades.


Work is being done in Engine #3.It has been painted but while doing repairs, it was noticed that the valve between the tank and the pump needed fixing.It is hoped to have it back in operation within a week.


There will be a combination keypad for access to the fire truck stored at CVPS.Firemen have been given the combination and warned about excessive speed on CVPS property.Mutual aid has been upgraded while the McKinley Bridge project is in progress.


Chief Denardo is to sign the Act 250 application for the Thomas subdivision.


Chief Denardo brought up raises for the members of the Fire Department since money was added to the Administrative fund.Mr. Rhodes said he would take a look at it.







Planning Commission - Bill Matteson


Susan Schreibman and Seth Webb gave a presentation at the last meeting to discuss making part of Route 4 a State Byway. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to support going forward with the study to do so.


The Planning Commission also talked about whether or not to have the Town take over Amanda Place as a Town road.The letter that Mr. Matteson sent to the Select Board last year dated May 31, 2009 was resurrected and it was the consensus of the Planning Commission that Amanda Place remain a private road until it is brought up to Town specs


Police Department - Chief Sly


Chief Sly reported that they are changing police cars.The one that is 7 1/2 years old is being sold and he asked the Board's permission to sell the vehicle with the Town equipment inside.They are getting $2,500 for it, which is a good price.The camera will not be sold.He was told to get with Joe Denardo to make out waiver paperwork.Mr. Hall motioned to allow the sale of the Town equipment and Mr. Hawley seconded the motion.All were in approval.


Chief Sly said that there was maintenance money left on the old budget and he would like to buy a radar unit for $3,147.There is about $6,000 left in the budget.Mr. Hawley motioned to allow the purchase of the radar unit.Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.All were in approval.

Chief Sly said that CW Electronics out of East Greenbush, N.Y. services the equipment.


Chief Sly gave the Board a list of equipment acquisitions planned for the coming fiscal year.Most are from single or preferred vendors.He stated he will be under budget by $2,000 for this last fiscal year.Chief Sly can install all the equipment.


Chief Sly gave reviewed the Liquor/Tobacco license application for K-Mart.All was in order.Mr. Terenzini motioned to sign the application and Mr. Hall seconded the motion.All were in approval.


Chief Sly was asked by Mr. Zingale to accompany Comcast representatives who will be looking at the Northwood Pool area to give a quote on installing Internet for cameral surveillance.


There was a serious head-on collision on Route 7N on Sunday, June 20th.Chief Sly wanted to thank the Town Fire Department and Chief Denardo for their professionalism and help at the accident site.








Recreation Ė Jody Hall and Mike Rowe


The Recreation Directors had a meeting and went over the budget.They will be under budget for this last fiscal year.There is about $2,000 left in the maintenance budget and he would like to purchase a sump pump and a leaf blower.Mr. Terenzini motioned to allow these purchases and Mr. Hall seconded the motion.All were in approval.


There is going to be a meeting to discuss the need for resurfacing the pool.It is leaking and has to be filled to the proper level every day.Jody Hall said it would be best to fix the pool in the spring, as it canít be left empty over the winter.Chief Denardo said that the Fire Department could pump out the water so bidders for the work could look at what needs to be done and then refilled.



Mike Rowe mentioned the paint job on the building and wanted to thank Twitters, Park Place and Garden Time for their donations of flowers that add a nice touch to the park.Larry Young installed the new door.


The pool employees now have staff shirts to designate to the public who they are.


Mr. Callahan said there was confusion by some of the Town residents as to how the revenue from the concession stand offsets costs at the pool. Mr. Rhodes said that by State statures, they are not authorized to spend that money, just follow the budget that was voted on by the Town.This money is put back into the general fund to lower the tax rate.


Ms. Hyjek wanted to thank Hannah Hoelscher, who went on line to order new swimsuits for the lifeguards at a reduced rate from past years.


Jody Hall wanted to thank Cathy Corey, who ran an in-service recertification class for the lifeguards on her own time.


The National Guard picnic was a success despite poor weather.


Fuel Bids


There were three fuel bids as follows:


Johnson Energy††††††††††† $2.599/gallon (Center Rutland)

Pyrofax†††††††††† ††††††††††† 2.57††††††††††† (Middlebury)

Macís Citgo†† †††††††††††† 2.715 (Rutland)







Although Pyrofax was the lowest bidder, the Board felt that it was better to go with Johnsonís who is local, which not only helps the local economy but they are nearby when furnaces and boilers need repair.They also said that rather than market price being charged after the contracted amount, that they would still honor the $2.599 for fuel beyond the contract.Mr. Terenzini motioned to accept the bid by Johnson Energy and Mr. Hawley seconded the motion.The motion passed unanimously.Ms. Hyjek will contact Johnsonís Energy.




The Marble Valley Lions would like to put up their annual concession stand on July 4th at Northwood Park.Mr. Terenzini motioned to allow this and Mr. Hall seconded the motion.The motion passed unanimously.Ms. Hyjek is to contact Beverly Horton.


Mr. Hall read a thank-you note from Rutland High school that said they appreciated no only the support of the Town with the scholarships but the fact that members of the Select Board were present at the awards ceremony to hand them out.


A letter was received from the State disallowing a curb cut on Route 7 South to aid Farrellís Distributing in accessing their business with trucks.It was said that other means should be explored within the Townís roads.


VLCT is looking for award nominations.


Letters have been sent to hourly employees stating their expected work hours.There will be tow sheets for Tom Gallipo, one for Highway and one for the Sewer budget.Anita Duch is being scheduled for ten hours per week based on input from Howard Burgess.


The City Police Chief sent a letter stating the Town owes the City $59.50 for traffic fines.


The Town of Pittsford sent a letter concerning emergency services to be provided to a new planned subdivision that abuts the Town.The Intermunicipal Committee, which consists of Stan Rhodes, Jim Hall and Josh Terenzini are to attend.


At 9:28 P.M., Mr. Terenzini motioned to go into Executive Session to meet with the Lister, Howard Burgess and then discuss a personnel issue.Mr. Hall seconded the motion.Four were in favor and one abstained.


The Board came out of both executive sessions at 9:48 P.M.The Dardeck propertyís appraisal was lowered by $31,300.


Mr. Terenzini motioned to end the meeting.Mr. Hawley seconded the motion.The meeting ended at 9:50 P.M.





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