FEBRUARY 16, 2010





The meeting opened at 6:45 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board members present:  Joe Dicton, James Hall, Stanley Rhodes III and Josh Terenzini.


Review of the 2/2/2010 Minutes


Mr. Hall motioned to accept the minutes from 2/2/2010 as written.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Questions from the Floor


Representatives from IVS (Information Visualization Services) were present to make a brief presentation on their company in relation to doing the Town maps. One representative, Harry Rouche, worked for the State in the Property Valuation and Review Department for thirty years and another, Mike Sheletal, has worked for IVS for eleven years and previously in Boston doing similar work.


The advantages of changing to IVS from Russell Graphics would be linking to the Grand List and having web site availability for the general public. Property transfers would also be tracked. All these advantages would mean less work for the Town office workers.  The cost for maintaining the Mini-Web would be $500 per year.  The initial cost to the Town for set up and maps would be somewhere between $3,700 and $6,300, depending on the information received from Russell Graphics.  The maps would be maintained every year for $2,000 and this did not always happen with Russell Graphics.  Russell Graphics charged $3,000 per year for paper maps only.


Ms. Hyjek asked if there would be a guidebook that would go with the paper maps along with the Book and Page of deeds.  This would depend on information coming from Russell Graphics.


Mr. Zingale said it would help him get a quick list of abutters to any certain property when doing subdivisions.


Mr. Dicton asked where the extra $3,000 would come from if Russell Graphics does not share information.  Ms. Hyjek said it would probably come from the Professional Services account.  He also asked the IVS representatives what kind of increase in price is to be expected from year to year and was told it would be minimal.


Mr. Dicton asked how secure the web structure was and he was told it was a read only site and the servers are located at the IVS facility.


Mr. Zingale is to contact Russell Graphics about the proposed change.


Recreation – Jody Hall


Mr. Terenzini asked if the tennis court windshield could be secured once again.  Mr. Rhodes suggested that next year the windshield be removed for the winter season.


SWAC (Solid Waste Alliance Communities)


Mr. Terenzini motioned to reappoint Charlie Shields to the Solid Waste Alliance Communities for Rutland Town and have Fred Nicholson as an alternate.  Mr. Dicton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Clerk/Treasurer – Marie Hyjek


Ms. Hyjek said that she would like to have all bids, grants and contracts be filed with the Town Clerk.  Currently, there is $6.600.05 grant money left.


The Town Reports will be delivered the week of 2/15/2010 to meet the deadline of February 19th.  Ms. Hyjek asked if anyone would prefer to deliver copies to the families or businesses of those to whom the report was dedicated.  She said she would deliver them if not.  Eleven hundred reports are being mailed out.


Checks for sewer have been cut to the City three times to help avoid further interest for late accounts.


Ms. Hyjek passed on information to the constables concerning certification of lights for the DMV.


The furnace at the Town office was out on Sunday, February 14th, as reported by Bart Reczek.  Johnson Energy was notified.  The second furnace did not kick in.  Johnson’s will supply a red light that will show when the temperature drops below 50 degrees.


The next Select Board meeting will be at the school library at 6:00 P.M. Monday, March 1. 2010.  Mr. Zingale is to secure the library for this meeting.


Another check was just received from the State for the local options tax.


The Board has a Liquor/Tobacco license to sign for the Hannaford Supermarket.


Police Department – Chief John Sly


Chief Sly reported that there have been several car accidents due to the recent snow


He gave his opinion on the request from Don Chioffi for surveillance cameras on McKinley Road and other troubled spots.  He said he didn’t feel the quality of the pictures from the $300 range cameras were of much value. For example, you wouldn’t be able to read a license plate. Once detected they would most likely be vandalized.  He also expressed a concern about the right to privacy of residents.





Mr. Terenzini asked if Mr. Chioffi could put up his own camera and Chief Sly said yes he could.  Chief Sly added that good cameras would cost in the thousands of dollars.  Mr. Hall asked if the Board should consider these cameras looking toward the future.  Chief Sly said there were things that were needed more, like portable radios, and said he would ask Mr. Zingale to apply for a grant.  Mr. Dicton asked that Chief Sly would talk to Mr. Chioffi and he said he would.  Chief Sly said he could borrow a camera from the Forest Service to try out.


Mr. Rhodes suggested that signs be put up saying that certain areas are under video surveillance.  Mr. Terenzini said he favored this idea as well.  Chief Sly is to get with the Road Commissioner, Byron Hathaway, to order these signs.


Mr. Terenzini reported on an incident at the Transfer Station where a cat was found in the recycling bin with duct tape around its neck.  It is unknown if the cat got in by itself or was put there with the duct tape.  The cat was taken to the Humane Society and Chief Sly is to check out the incident.


Chief Sly asked residents to check out their credit reports to help avoid identity theft.  He also cautioned people planning to travel out of the country to let their credit card companies know so that purchases they make will not be barred as unusual activity.


Town Administrator – Joseph Zingale Jr.


Mr. Zingale reported a junk vehicle complaint on Post Road.  The residence has been reported in the past.  Mr. Zingale said that the amount of vehicles is over what the State allows.  Previously, an agreement was signed by the homeowner with the Town concerning the amount of vehicles allowed. 


Stove Depot in Clarendon is involved in arbitration with the City and REDC over rates.  Mr. Zingale was asked by the Board to check with the Town Attorney, Kevin Brown, if there would be any  liability for the Town.


Mr. Zingale sent letters to all the abutters of the land on RT 7N that Mr. Nutting is interested in buying from the Town.  One abutter asked that there be a condition that the land not be developed or clear cut.


There are tires in a Casella container at the Transfer Station and Casella would like their container back.  It was agreed to have Casella take the tires away for a cost of $110 to haul and $130 a ton for disposal.  Once this is gone, the Board asked that the Highway Department put up Jersey barriers as in the past.  Mr. Zingale is to talk to the Hubbards to see how they could handle disposal of tires in the future.  Mr. Zingale added that the State requires that each municipality allow for the disposal of tires.


Mr. Zingale has heard from several engineers interested in taking out proposal requests for the job of overseeing the McKinley Bridge project.  


To date for this fiscal year, the Town has received $732,765.38 from the local options tax.  More businesses are starting to file.  There are currently 1100.





Mr. Zingale has rewritten some of the language in the Route 7 Corridor Agreement which he hopes will be accepted.  The new language involves the following categories:



·        Curb cuts in use for over 15 years cannot be taken away

·        Curb cuts in use less than 15 years could be taken away as a compromise with the State

·        The statement that the Town could pay for a business to get access to Route 7 has been removed

·        If a project is being evaluated by the State and the State’s decision coincides with the Town’s regulations, than that is what will be approved.  However, if the State does not agree with the Town regulations, then the Town regulations take precedence.

·        Concerning #11 on the agreement, those already having an Act 250 permit cannot have it revoked.


A copy with the new language is to be sent to Clarendon for their input.


Mr. Zingale is to send a letter to the City concerning a meeting with the Red Roof Inn and the City Aldermen on their sewer bill.


Stantec took a look at the drainage problem by Seward Road and the Green Mountain Plaza.  They said some of the pipes need to be larger and the distance between the catch basins needs to be closer together.


Mr. Zingale received a landfill monitoring report and six of the wells showed volatile organic compounds such as those used in solvents and medicines.  The report is going to the State and the Town will hear back if they have concerns.


Mr. Zingale wrote up a petition to add “Richard J. DelBianco Memorial Park” to Dewey Field.  Mr. Zingale researched where the name Dewey came from and Ella Dewey originally owned the land.  She sold the land to the Vermont Marble Company who later sold it to Rutland Town with the condition that it would always be used for recreation.  Mr. DelBianco’s son, Rick, said he would like the gesture of naming the park for his father.  Mr. Terenzini motioned to add “Richard J. DelBianco Memorial Park” to Dewey Field and Mr. Dicton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Mr. Zingale will look into getting a new sign.


There were eight overdue sewer notices sent out.  Two have responded.  Taco Bell said the land they lease was sold to another company who never got a bill and they have since paid.  Blodgett Supply did not receive a bill and paid once contacted.   Mr. Terenzini asked if both Mr. Zingale and Mr. Lloyd were working on delinquent sewer bills for the Red Roof Inn.  Mr. Zingale said this was because the Board had decided to have Mr. Lloyd finish the what was owed previously and Mr. Zingale was to take over from there.  There has been a misunderstanding, however, as to how much is due the Town.  Mr. Zingale said he would reduce the amount he told the Red Roof Inn by the amount Mr. Lloyd is trying to collect, which is a difference of about $9,000.


Mr. Dicton asked if there had been a follow-up on the logs in the flood plain on the corner of Business Route 4 and the West Proctor Road.  Mr. Zingale said he had called committee members but it is difficult to get with Mr. Enman, the engineer.





The 911 issue of two numbers on a business on Route 4E is still a problem.  The business originally numbered their building as if it were an extension of Woodstock Avenue and it is actually part of Route 4E.  Mr. Zingale spoke to the leasing agent for the owner and they have been given a mandate to remove the old number by February 26th or be charged $50/day, which could increase.




There was a discussion on the value of having VOWP (Vermont Offender Work Program) mow the recreation fields or having someone else do it.  The VOWP charges $300 per mowing.  There have been some complaints as to the quality of the work.  Mr. Terenzini said that VOWP didn’t know they were to mow at the Fire Stations.  Jody Hall said that Chad Wilson could clean up anything else that isn’t quite right.  Mr. Hall asked if the contract was sealed with VOWP.  Mr. Terenzini said no, that it was possible to look at other options.  It was decided that it could not be done any cheaper after everyone’ input.


Mr. Hall motioned to continue with the proposal from VOWP for mowing the recreation fields.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Hall read a letter of support he wrote to Representative Jim McNeil concerning the proposed new rules to reduce the unfunded mandate liability to municipalities.


The board received a letter from Linda Leonard regarding the rail yard.


The Vermont Country Store was thanked for their donation.


Storm water information was received from the State and the Town may have to comply in the future, which will affect the businesses in Town financially.


Town use values for land, i.e. the price per acre, were received from the Department of Taxes for 2010.


Mr. Hall motioned to approve the Liquor and Tobacco license for Hannaford’s Supermarket.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Mr. Hall motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Mr. Terenzini seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting ended at 8:20 P.M.