MINUTES: October 8, 2014

Board members present: Steve Hawley, Mary Ashcroft and John Paul Faignant

The meeting opened at 6:30 P.M with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Faignant requested that everyone present remain standing and devote a moment of silence to the memory of Stacy Champan. All present stood in silence.

Mr. Faignant said Stacy served the Town very well for many years and added that he will be sorely missed. Mr. Faignant thanked those present.

The Board reviewed the September 24, 2014 minutes. Ms. Ashcroft moved to accept the minutes as printed and corrected. Mr. Faignant made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Town SWAC Representative Mr. William Matteson reported:

  1. He told the Board he planned to attend the Board's Town Plan Public Hearing the following evening.

  2. Mr. Matteson told the Board that the recent Household Hazardous Waste Collection went well.

  3. Mr. Matteson told the Board that the compactor at the Transfer Station is in need of service. Mr. Hawley instructed Mr. Zingale to contact Cassela regarding servicing the compactor.

  4. Mr. Matteson encouraged the Board to begin collecting electronics at the Transfer Station. He said the Board could do the collection on a trial basis for a two to three month period.

    He said the Town would receive 5¢ per pound for electronics which are recyclable. He said the non- recyclable electronics would be kept separately and collected at no charge.

    Mr. Matteson said the electronic drop off would be available to all and not just Town residents. Additionally, he said the Town school and businesses with up to 10 employees could also bring electronics to the Town Transfer Station.
    Mr. Matteson said the company with the contract would pick up the galore boxes when they are full. He said there would be two galore boxes. One box for recyclable electronics and a second for non-recyclable electronics.

    Mr. Matteson said the boxes would only be picked up when the Town is open for business. Mr. Matteson said the Town would only get 2¢ per pound if the non-recyclable electronics are mixed in with the electronic recyclables. Mr. Matteson said it is a win win. Mr. Hawley said Mr. Zingale should try to get a collection contract for six months to see if it work out.

Ms. Ashcroft asked if there is a section at the Transfer Station where individuals can drop off recyclable items that other individuals could sort through. Mr. Zingale said the Town's Recycling Ordinance prohibits individuals from taking items collected at the Transfer Station.

Town Fire Chief Mr. Frank Cioffi reported:

  1. Informed the Board that the flood damage at the station has been repaired.

  2. He told the Board that some items on the list have been taken care of and that other items may required a meeting between the chief, the Board and the Town attorney.

  3. Chief Cioffi told the Board that the fence at the station was installed last month.

  4. Chief Cioffi said there are issues with the HV/AC exhaust system and that he is setting up a meeting to discuss the mater. He said it is not coming on at the right amount. He said he wants to talk to the Engineer and installer regarding the HV/AC system.

  5. He told the Board that within the next two years the department's two thermal imaging cameras will no longer be supported by the manufacture. Mr. Cioffi said the cost for two cameras should be less than $25,000.00. Mr. Hawley said the purchase would come out of the Fire Department Depreciation account.

  6. The Chief informed the Board that a Fire Department vehicle is due to be replaced next year. He said the department hopes to combine the purchase with something else. He said the department is looking for a short ladder truck.

    The Chief said the department can probably get a used utility vehicle for about the same cost as a newly built vehicle. Mr. Chioffi said the Town of West Rutland just got a refurbished vehicle for about $100,000.00.

    Ms. Ashcroft informed the Chief that Mr. Keith McIntyre would like the department to remove the tree stumps from his side of the new fence. Mr. Hathaway said the stumps will be hard to get at the stumps. Mr. Hathaway said he will try to get the work done this year and if not then in the spring.

Town Road Commissioner Mr. Byron Hathaway reported:

  1. Mr. Hathaway informed the Board that the welcome to Rutland Town sign, on Business RT 4 has been repaired.

  2. He informed the Board that the Town truck is in the shop and that the repair will be covered under the warranty.

  3. Told the Board he plans to complete and mail in the Transportation Alternatives grant application for the proposed Post Road sidewalk.

  4. He told the Board that the Cold River Road sidewalk RFP had been sent out.

  5. He informed the Board that no volunteers showed up for the MS4 stream clean up. He said the event was intended to meet the public involvement requirement of the Town's MS4 permit.

    Mr. Hathaway said that as a result of the no-shows the Conservation Commission would like to do public out reach in the areas of Town within the MS4 designation. Mr. Zingale said he has sent Ms. Barbara Pulling mailing labels for town residents located within the MS4 designation.

  6. Mr. Hathaway told the Board that he had ordered the two pre-wet systems, which was previously discussed.

Mr. Hawley called the post Road sidewalk public hearing to order and turned the meeting over to Town Road Commissioner Mr. Byron Hathaway.

Mr. Hathaway said the Town will be applying to the Transportation Alternatives Group for funding for a sidewalk along Post Road with a shared use path into Northwood Park. He cited the fact the Town had submitted a similar application under a different funding source and had been denied an award.

Mr. Hathaway said the sidewalk would be constructed along the Post Road from the existing crosswalk at Blue Ridge Drive to Chasanna Drive, in addition to a short sidewalk up the hill on Chasanna Drive until a safe site distance is achieved.

He said there would be a crosswalk on Chasanna Drive to allow for pedestrians to access the planned sidewalk. Mr. Hathaway said Chasanna Drive would be striped with fog lines. He said the fog lines would create a small paved shoulder on the edge of the road.

He said the paved shoulder would turn into a 10 foot wide shared use path where Chasanna Drive meets Sanborn Place. He said the path would cross the Vaughn property and access Northwood Park. He said the path would continue through up to the gravel parking lot at the west end of the ball field.

Mr. Hathaway said grant request is to construct the whole project. Mr. Hathaway said he has indicated the Town would accept a smaller grant if the full grant request is not funded. He said the Town would then construct the project in phases.

Mr. Hathaway asked if anyone present had any comments regarding the proposed grant application. Chasanna Drive resident Mr. Richard Goodrich said lining Chasanna Drive would be useless because there is no supervision to keep the children walking within the lined area.

Mr. Hathaway said the line striping would be temporary until such time Chasanna Drive is widened to provide a wider safer paved area to walk. Mr.Goodrich said the Town should not spend money to widen the street and stripe the road because there will be no supervision to ensure the children walk within the area provided. Mr. Hathaway said the project would be funded with a grant and that the Town would have to pay 20% of the project cost.

Mr. Goodrich said he has watch kids many times not walking along the edge of Chasanna Drive. Mr. Hathaway asked Mr. Goodrich if he does not want fog line on Chasanna Drive. Mr. Goodrich said he would like Chasanna Drive stay the way it is.

Town resident and School Cross Country Running Coach, Mr. Kent Smith, questioned if there would be sidewalk on both sides of the Post Road up to Chasanna Drive. Mr. Hathaway said a short sidewalk on the north side of the Post Road is proposed.

Mr. Smith said he requires his runners face traffic when running. He said consequently the runners must cross the Post Road to return to the Town School. He said it would be an enormous tragedy if anything happened to any child because of short-sightedness trying to create a safe path.

Mr. Smith said presently the recreation activities are close to the school but are not safely attainable from the school. He said this is the time to address the safety problem before there there is a tragedy.

There were no more comments from those in attendance. The meeting closed at 7:35 P.M.

Town Police Chief Mr. Ed Dumas reported:

These are the stats of the Rutland Town Police Department for the previous two weeks:

-Calls for service within this period: 45

-Types of calls assigned

Juvenile Problem, Fraud, Welfare Check, Suspicious Person / Circumstances, Theft, Motor Vehicle Crash with bodily Injury, 911 Hang Up, Public Speaking, Assault, Agency Assist, Residential / Business Alarm, Animal Problem, Motor Vehicle Crash property damage only, Safety Hazard, Motor Vehicle Complaint and Driving License Suspended Criminally.

Closed Cases: 44

Motor Vehicle Stops: 28

  1. Chief Dumas: 0

  2. Captain Washburn: 76.25

  3. Officer Gamble: 48

Total number of Admin hours: 3.75

  1. Chief Dumas: 0

  2. Captain Washburn: 3.75

3. Officer Gamble: 0

Special announcements:

Effective October 1st, the State of Vermont has put into effect the Hands Free Device Law. This law prohibits operators of motor vehicles from having an electronic device in their hands while operating the motor vehicle. While the vehicle is stopped you may have the device in your hands however before moving you must put the unit down.

Town Recreation Director Mr. Mike Rowe reported:

  1. Soccer is wrapping up and the soccer jamboree is on October 18th.

  2. Basketball registration has begun for K through 6.

  3. The registration deadline for grades 3 through 6 is November 7th.

  4. The Halloween party will be take place at the Town School October 30th from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Ms. Ashcroft asked Mr. Rowe what the recreation department does for senior citizens. Mr. Rowe said he had tried to put on a senior luncheon at the Town School but that it had failed. He said he is open to suggestions. Mr. Rowe said he plans to offer aqua-aerobics at the Town pool for seniors next year. Mr. Hathaway said that in the past the seniors have taken a bus trip combined with a luncheon.

Mr. Gene Beaudoin, of Saxon Partners and Ms. Nicole Kesselring, of Enman/Kesselring Engineering met with the Board regarding proposed changes to the Rutland Commons commercial development. Mr. Beaudoin said he will develop the Rutland Commons project.

Mr. Beaudoin told the Board that he has not yet purchased the property. He said his company would probably purchase the property in March, after receiving the necessary permits. He said construction is proposed to begin in the spring.

Ms. Kesselring gave a project overview:

Town resident Mr. Kent Smith questioned Ms. Kesselring regarding the handling of storm water. Ms. Kesselring said she does not expect the handling of storm water to change much from what has been permitted. She said the site will have a lot of catch basins and a detention pond to collect and treat storm water.

Mr. Smith asked if there is any provision for preventing oil spillage from getting in the wetland. Ms. Kesselring said the site is not a high risk site in terms of oil spills. She said the State storm water permitting would address small amounts that might come off a vehicle.

Mr. Smith questioned if the wetlands would be safe for people and animals with the runoff from the development. Ms. Kesselring said the run off from the project should be the same as other what comes off other parking lots and roadways. Mr. Smith said is his concern.

Mr. Zingale cited the storm water pond at the Green Mountain Plaza and said it is teeming with wildlife. He said geese and frogs in the pond. Ms. Kesselring said the planting in the pond are specific to remove pollutants prior to discharge.

Ms. Ashcroft asked if the landscaping has been enhanced from the original proposal. Mr. Beaudoin said the landscaping has been enhanced but that he did not have a map.

Ms. Ashcroft also inquired as to whether the new building would be higher than the previous proposal.

Mr. Beaudoin said the building would be 30 tall and have windows on the second floor to give the appearance of a two story building. He said the useable space would be on the ground floor. He said there would be high ceiling in the building.

Ms. Ashcroft inquired if the gas sales on the site would result in a traffic problem. Mr. Beaudoin said the new development would generate less vehicle trips than the permitted development.

Ms. Ashcroft requested the Board not vote on the project until after the Board receives a landscaping plan.

Ms. Kesselring informed the Board that Cop John Drive would be widened to three lanes and two new sets of traffic lights would be installed. She said the two new sets of light would be insink with the lights on US RT 7. She said the light coordination would improve southbound traffic flow on Cop John Drive and Holiday Inn Drive.

Ms. Kesselring said the new light on Cop John Drive would aid Farrell trucks exiting Cop John Drive. Ms. Kesselring said the Town needs to approve the widening of Cop John Drive.

Mr. Hathaway questioned if all of the proposed Cop John Drive widening would be within the Town road r-o-w. Ms. Kesselring said she will check. Mr. Hathaway asked if the developers planned to request the Town to take over the access road in the future.

Mr. Beaudoin his company would maintain the road and parking lot. Mr. Hathaway said if the developers were to request Town Road service in the future he would request a small contribution toward the purchase of a new truck for the highway department.

Ms. Ashcroft inquired if there is pedestrian access to the new development. Ms. Kesselring said there would be a six foot wide sidewalk separated by a 2 foot grass strip from the roadway. Ms. Kesselring said the sidewalk would be constructed so as to support emergency vehicles.

Mr. Zingale asked if the developer planned to maintain their storm water permit beyond the exploration date. Mr. Beaudoin said his company would do so after the exploration date.

Ms. Ashcroft asked if the Town has a complete application for the proposed project. Mr. Zingale said the Town has only received what is in front of the Board. Ms. Ashcroft said the Board would be able to comment after it has received all of the information.

Town Clerk & Treasurer Ms. Donna Zeller reported:

  1. She extended condolences to the Chapman family and circulated a card for individuals to sign. Mr. Hawley said the Board should send a wreath for the funeral. Mr. Hawley said the Board should talk to the Town School Board to create an endowment.

  2. Ms. Zeller thanked Mr. Jeff Colomb for donating an old school vacuum to the Town.

  3. Informed the Board she plans to switch from the current Town Post Office mailing address to building delivery. Ms. Zeller said she is in discussion with the Post Office in Rutland to place a mailbox on the Town Municipal building property. She said the West Rutland Post Office Box cost the Town money for mileage and about a half hour of her time each day.

  4. Ms. Zeller informed the Board that the Town highway department received a $275.00 septic bill from Hubbard's for cleaning up the wastewater which spilled onto the ground after Green Mountain Power shut off power to the station. Mr. Zingale told the Board that the Town's election had requested the power be shut off the day the work was to be done and GMP shut the power off a day prior to the work being done.Ms. Zeller will contact GMP regarding paying the bill.

  5. Told the Board the Clerk & Treasurer Office will be closed the following day. Ms. Zeller said she would be attending the VLCT Annual Fair. Ms. Ashcroft said she would also be attending the fair.

  6. Ms. Zeller informed the Board that she has a $100.00 bill from the Hubbard Brothers that she does not know to what it pertains. Mr.Hathaway said it may bill a charge he had as a result of Green Up Day.

  7. Ms. Zeller told the Board she is looking into going to electronic Land Records verses typewritten records. Ms. Zeller told the Board the electronic would be a time saver as well as having archived records.

  8. Ms. Zeller told the Board that she and a Town resident have discussed how the Town should award the Town Cane to the oldest person in town. She said other than looking at birth certificates we do not have a good way of knowing who is the oldest.

    She said individuals that are 95 to 100 years old may not have their birth certificates here at the Town. She requested that anyone with great ideas as to how to award the cane can let her know at the Clerk's office.

    Ms. Ashcroft said she believes there is a minimum amount of time an individual would have to live in town to be eligible. Ms. Ashcroft encourage people to call the Town office if they think they are the oldest person in town. Mr. Zingale said he thought the Board had set a two year minimum residency requirement. The matter was discussed further and no action was taken.

  9. Ms. Zeller told the Board she has been questioned several times by individuals regarding recognizing past Town Clerk & Treasurers. She told the Board that these individuals think that both Ms. Hyjek and Ms. Drinwarer should be recognized with a picture or a plaque.

    Ms. Ashcroft said it would be a very nice thing to do. Mr. Hawley asked Mr. Zingale to do what the Board has been doing regarding plaques.

Mr. Hawley asked Ms. Zeller to look up the amount remaining in the Fire Department Depreciation Account.

Town Administrator Mr. Joseph Zingale Jr. reported:

  1. he informed the Board that on the previous day he and Mr. Hathaway and two individuals from the Dufresne Group inspected 29 manholes. Mr. Zingale said

    most of the manholes are in very good shape and some show signs of infiltration.

  2. Told the Board that a Grant application had been submitted through the RRPC for approximately $6,000.00 to update the Town Land Use map.

  3. He informed the Board that according to the VLCT newsletter the Town now has to post the annual warning and the annual Auditor's letter on the Town's Internet site. He said the Town does not have to post Political caucus notice because there are less than 3000 voters in town. He said the Auditor's letter also has to be printed in the Town Report.

The Board reviewed packet correspondence.

Mr. Zingale will notify Vermont Gas that the Board will participate in their advisory group and will name the Town's two members later.

Mr. Faignant made a motion at 8:15 P.M. to close the meeting. Ms. Ashcroft made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously