Meeting open at 7:00 PM

Commissioners Present:

Raymond Leonard, Howard Burgess, William Matteson, Jerry Stearns and Andrew McKane

Commissioners discussed whether they should propose changes to the Future Land Use Map. Mr. Burgess said the Commission should consider making some changes and Mr. Matteson said he does not think any changes are needed.

Mr. Matteson said Commissioners should meet with landowners that would be impacted by a land use designation change, prior to meeting with all Town residents. Mr. Burgess said it is the Commission's job to designate land uses in town verses asking landowners how they want their land designated. Mr. McKane said the Commission would make the changes then hold a hearing.

Mr. Matteson said he is not convinced that the R40 C district has to be changed. Mr. Burgess said the groSolar site on the Cold River Road is not an industrial site. Mr. Burgess said the parcel does not have water, sewer or rail service and abuts the wetland in the industrial Park.

Mr. Matteson said he agrees with Mr. Burgess that the proposed location for the groSolar project should not be designated as Commercial / Industrial. Mr. Matteson said Commissioners should wait until the September 4, 2014 Public Hearing before recommending changes to the land Use Map.

Mr. Burgess cited the fact that groSolar is basing their position that the land has been designated Commercial / Industrial. Mr. Zingale told Commissioners that they can not make any changes to the proposed Town Plan within 15 days of the hearing. Mr. Zingale said there are 14 days to the hearing date.

Mr. Matteson read the R40 C District definition and said he does not see a problem. Mr. McKane cited the fact the R40 C district allows light commercial uses. Mr. Zingale said the proposed Solar Facility Siting Standards (SFSS) are designed to keep solar out of residential neighborhoods and that to leave light commercial in the district would be a calling card for solar development.

Mr. Zingale said there are several R40 C parcels over 50 acres in size, which are near residential developments. Mr. Stearns said he is for eliminating solar as a use in the R40 C district but that he has a problem eliminating all commercial uses in the R40 C district.

Mr. Matteson said solar development will go where it is feasible to place solar panels. He said he does not know how the Town can stop solar growth. Mr. Matteson said he is in favor R40 C district because it is a mixed use district. Mr. Burgess cited the fact that the

residential properties along the Cold River Road are designated as Commercial / Industrial in the Town Plan. He said the properties should be show as residential. Both Mr. Matteson and Mr. McKane said the properties in question are in the Commercial / Industrial district even though they are residential homes.

Mr. McKane said a homeowner on the Cold River Road would have the right to sell their property for a commercial or industrial use. Mr. McKane suggested changing all of the properties designated as R40 C to R40 B. He said the change would eliminate commercial use in the R40 B district. Mr. Matteson said a mix of uses like the R40 C district results in less crime.

Mr. Leonard cited the fact a solar development has been build on land on the West Proctor Road that is designated as R40 C. He said it took many meetings before he was able to get the land use designation on the Wilk Sealing property changed to light commercial.

He said at the time there were four business on the property and that now there are only two businesses on the property.

Mr. Leonard pointed out that the Town Plan notice in the Rutland Herald referred to the Select Board and not the Planning Commission. Mr. Zingale said he must have made a mistake but had not done so to deceive anyone.

Mr. Matteson made a motion to place a notice in the Rutland Herald advertising the Town Plan adoption hearing and not to spend more than $250.00. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Matteson moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 P.M. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Andrew McKane, Chairman