Meeting open at 7:00 PM


Commissioners Present:


Andrew McKane, Howard Burgess, Charles Vajda, Raymond Leonard


The Commissioners met with CVPS officials Messrs. Rick Hackett and Todd Kowalczyk regarding CVPS’s proposed Smart Grid technology implementation.


Mr. Kowalczyk said the electric grid has been in existence for about a century and was designed around centralized generation. He said the world is now moving toward distributed generation and newer technologies.


He said the grid that was built a century ago wasn’t built with the “information age” in mind. He said the new Smart Grid technology could tap into the information, which is available.


Mr. Kowalczyk said the Smart Grid would be able to give CVPS information in near-real time. He said this information would help utilities understand how the grid is operating and will allow CVPS to improve reliability. He said CVPS would be better able to size transformers more appropriately and control costs.


Mr. Kowalczyk said the Smart Grid is happening nationally. He said CVPS is among the 100 utilities that have received Federal grants to deploy the Smart Grid.


Mr. Kowalczyk said CVPS would be installing smart meter in 100% of their service area. He said the meters would show power consumption, which will be available to the homeowner and CVPS.


Mr. Kowalczyk said today if the power goes out CVPS must be informed that it has gone off. He said with the Smart Grid, CVPS would know when power was off or on at location in the distribution system.


Mr. Kowalczyk said by dispatching more efficiently CVPS would reduce carbon it puts in the air. He said there would be great societal benefits. He said the new technologies would help CVPS manage cost better.


Mr. Hackett told the Commissioners that all customers would receive a new smart meter that would replace their existing exterior meter. He said the new exterior meter would record data every 15 minutes.


Mr. Hackett said CVPS will conduct a pilot program in Rutland and will place in-home meters in customer’s homes.


Mr. Hackett said by overlaying a communication system over the distribution system it will allow for more automation, which would reduce cost.


Mr. Hackett said the Smart Grid would utilize distributed generation, which would manage; solar and wind and traditional energy production.


Mr. Hackett said CVPS would use radio frequency technology, which is in the same frequency as home electronic devices like computers and garage door openers. Mr. Hackett said CVPS would have between 400 to 500 data collection points along the distribution system to collect data.


He said the smart meter will help individuals better understand their power usage and that CVPS would be offering different rate structures to customers.


Mr. Hackett said CVPS would begin installing meters I the Rutland area in the fall. He said the in-home displays would be installed in the spring of 2012.


Mr. Hackett said customers could go to to get answers to their questions about the Smart Grid.


Mr. Kowalczyk and Mr. Hackett answered questions raised by commissioners.


Mr. Leonard moved to close the meeting. Mr. Vajda made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



Andrew McKane, Vice Chairman