Meeting open at 7:00 PM

Commissioners Present:

Raymond Leonard, Howard Burgess, Andrew Mc Kane, William Matteson, Jerry Stearns, Tony Flory, Dana Peterson

Mr. Matteson moved to approve the April 3, 2014 minutes. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioners met with Regional Planner Mr. Ed Bove and began work organizing the update of the 2009 Town Plan. Mr. Bove said the Commission has a tight timeline to complete work on the Town Plan update.

Mr. Bove said he would like to break up the review of the Plan into four or five, two or three section chunks. He said the Commissioners could work on the; demographics, transportation and education for the next meeting. Mr. Matteson requested an outline form Mr. Bove when the various sections will be reviewed. Commissioners will meet again wit Mr. Bove on June 12th & 19th.

Mr. Bove gave examples of the various types of charts and graphs, which can be used to represent data in the Town Plan. Mr. Matteson moved to have a special meeting on the 29th of May. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. The Motion passed unanimously.

Commissioners discussed using more graphs and charts in the Town Plan. Mr. Bove and the Commission discussed whether to leave all of the Bypass and Rail yard language in the Town Plan.

Mr. Bove said the best way for the Town to get a voice with the the Public Service Board (PSB) is to identify those areas in Town on a map. He said there also needs to be clear language in the Town Plan which states these areas area good and in these areas we don't want to see it.

He said such statements tied to a map is the best standing a Town can have with the PSB. Mr. Bove said the Commissioners need to determine where they want to have solar and show the sites on a map.

Town Administrator, Mr. Joseph Zingale Jr. said the Commission could identify important view sheds. He said there are about five or six view sheds which are prime to be developed.

Mr. Bove said sometimes when there is something in the Plan it will preempt someone from proposing to develop the site. Mr. Zingale cited the fact that the groSolar application cites the fact the Town has not established a scenic vista in the area of their proposed solar facility.

Mr. Bove said the Town could either identify sites for development or designate sites not for development. Mr. Zingale cited the fact that the Select Board has discussed a stand alone solar zone in future zoning regulations. Mr. Mc Kane said the Commission should stay on the positive side. Citing areas where solar is allowed verses saying no solar in this location.

Mr. Burgess said the Commission needs to look at the various property classifications in the Town Plan. He said the Town is showing some sites as industrial in the Town Plan that should not be industrial nor commercial. Mr. Burgess cited the Cold River Road solar site as an example of land that is not classified properly.

Mr. Zingale said there are 6 to 7 large properties in Town that are designated R40C. He said all of the parcels are over 40 acres in size and are surrounded by residential homes. He said the designation is a green light to developers. Mr. Zingale said many individuals would be upset if these parcels were developed commercially.

Commissioners were good with the Vision Statement and made no changes. Commissioners and Mr. Bove discussed if the document should be called the “Town Plan” or the “Town Municipal Plan” or the “Town Master Plan”.

Mr. Bove will edit the index section. Mr. Peterson explained why the document should be called the “Municipal Plan”.

Commissioners and Mr.Bove discussed whether to take out reference to arterials , collectors and local roads. Mr. Bove said the Commission would limit its options by using the terms. He said said they are all part of the street network.

Mr. Bove asked if Commissioners are happy with the State road standards. Mr. Matteson cited the fact the State tries to eliminate access to State roads rather than allow access to State road. Mr. Zingale cited the fact that the State of Vermont controls Routes 4, 7 and 3 in the Town.

Mr. Bove questioned if there would be benefits if the Town controls Routes 4, 7 and 3 in the Town. Mr. Matteson said the Town does not want the burden of maintaining State roads. Mr. Peterson questioned if a cost benefit analysis had been done regarding the Town controlling US Routes 4 , 7 & 3 in Town.

Mr. Peterson cited a situation in the Town of Woodstock where the State often refuses to make changes to US RT 4 based on request from the Town of Woodstock.

Mr. Bove will check to see if either The Rutland Bypass or the Rutland Rail Yard proposals can be restarted with out an Act of the United States Congress.

Mr. Burgess cited the fact that the former proposed rail yard location would have impacted a tremendous ground water source the Town has identified. Mr. Burgess said the well is located on private property. Mr. Zingale said the Commission addresses protecting the water source on page 16.

Mr. Bove said the Commissioners should add language regarding the water source in the Natural Resources section. Mr. Bove said the language should be added to page 41. He said it could be a goal to protect the area, where the water is located.

Mr. Bove said he sees three section in the Plan where there should be language regarding the water source.

Mr. Bove questioned the statement that the Town added Kindergarten in 1967. Mr. Bove said he thinks Kindergarten in the mid 1980's. Commissioners will comment on pages 1 thru 29 at the next meeting.

Commissioners discussed which minutes need to be approved. Mr. Matteson moved to approve the minutes of 2-20-14. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Burgess moved to approve the 3-6-14 minutes. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed by a vote of 6 to 0. Mr. Matteson abstained from the vote.

Mr. Matteson moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 P.M. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion.


Andrew McKane