Meeting open at 7:00 PM

Commissioners Present:

Howard Burgess, William Matteson, Jerry Stearns, Andy McKane, Tony Flory and Raymond Leonard

The Commissioners met with Center Rutland residents Chris & Linda Johnson regarding a proposed 561 solar panel farm proposed by Mr. Leonard Knappmiller. Mr. Matteson asked if Mr. Knappmiller would be present. Mr. Zingale said Mr. Knappmiller was in Florida.

Mr. Matteson questioned if the Commission had received any additional information regarding Mr. Knappmillers proposal. Town Administrator Mr. Joseph Zingale Jr. said according to the State Public Service Board (PSB) all of the information the Town should need is in the application.

Mr. Burgess asked if there was a layout of the proposed solar field. Mr. Matteson said if the Commission wants to receive more information it must become a party to the application. Mr. Matteson instructed Mr. Zingale to write to the PSB and state that due to the vagueness of the application the Commission has no idea regarding what is being proposed.

Mr. Matteson said the Commission would like to see elevations or renditions of the proposed farm to help the Commission and the neighbors visualize the proposal.

Mr. McKane made a motion for Mr. Zingale to write a letter to the PSB outlining the Commission's concerns. The Commissioners discussed the matter further. Mr. Burgess asked the Johnsons if the proposed solar farm would be visible from the road. The Johnsons and Mr. Flory said it would be visible from the road.

Mr. Matteson said he is not against or for the proposed project because he does not know how it would look. Ms. Johnson told the Commission that she was told by a state officials that there is no requirement the proposed solar farm be fenced.

Ms. Johnson said that according to Mr. Knappmiller the development would be a driveway width away from their house. Ms. Johnson told the Commission that according to the official she spoke with, the Knappmiller proposal would be about the size of the solar farm on Cleveland Avenue in Rutland City.

Mr. Johnson said the Knappmiller panels would be double stacked just like the solar panels on Cleveland Avenue. Mr. Johnson told the Commissioners that there is a fenced off building with high voltage signs and three transformers at the Cleveland Avenue site.

Mr. Johnson said he would be looking at the solar farm when he is sitting on his deck or looking out his bedroom window. Mr. Burgess asked Mr. Johnson if visibility is his big concern. Mr. Johnson said that for the rest of his life he will be looking at 561 panels. Ms. Johnson said Mr. Knappmiller said the panels would be right up to the edge of their property.

Mr. Johnson cited the fact there is a historic monument near the Knappmiller property yet Mr. Knappmiller stated there are “no” historic properties near his project.

Mr. Zingale questioned if the individuals living across the road from the Knappmiller project should have been notified.

The Commissioners received the Green Mountain Power solar proposal for the old Rutland City landfill. The Commissioners discussed the proposed power to be produced from the Knappmiller solar farm. Mr. McKane said the amount of power produced would far exceed the needs of a residential home.

Mr. McKane suggested the Commission require the submission of GPS locations for subdivisions. Mr. McKane said the state now requires the information for specific things like septic systems. Mr. McKane said it would allow the Commissioners to find the center of the parcel.

Mr. Stearns moved to close the meeting. Mr. Flory made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approved by


William T. Matteson