Meeting open at 7:00 PM

Commissioners Present:

Raymond Leonard, Jerry Stearns, Howard Burgess and Andrew McKane

Town resident Ms. Sharon Crowley met with the Commission regarding the proposed Keirstead two lot subdivision. Ms. Crowley and her siblings own the Burke Farm, which abuts the Keirstead land.

Ms. Crowley told the Commissioners that she is concerned with the fact the Commission may waive the requirement, which would require the Keirsteads to acknowledge she has springs rights on the Keirstead land. Ms. Crowley said her property was surveyed shortly after her father Mr. J. Barry Burke passed away.

Ms. Crowley said the requirement to show her water rights should not be waived by the Commission. Ms. Crowley told the Commissioners that she is not objecting to the subdivision. She said she just wants to have her water rights shown on the Keirstead map.

Ms. Crowley said the Keirstead's map is incomplete. She said there are lots of things not on the map, which should be on the map. Ms. Crowley asked the final hearing be delayed until such time the Keirsteads map is revised to include required information.

Mr. Burgess said he also has concerns regarding the lack of information. Mr. Burgess showed commissioners the lot lines he produced working with the deeds and computer software.

Mr. Burgess cited the following:

Mr. Stearns questioned why a small .20 acre parcel shown on Mr. Burgess' map is not shown on the Keirstead's map. Mr. Burgess sited other information which is described in the various Keirstead deeds but not shown on their proposed subdivision map.

Mr. Burgess said the Commission should not go to a final hearing until all of the information is submitted. The commissioners discussed the proposed subdivision at length.

Select Board member Ms. Mary Ashcroft introduced here self to the Commissioners. Ms. Ashcroft cited the fact the Board would soon be working on the proposed Solar facility Siting Standards. Ms. Ashcroft encouraged the Commissioners to involve citizens as much as they can when rewriting the Town Plan.

Mr. Dana Peterson met with Commissioners and discussed his submittal regarding the Town's proposed Solar Facility Siting Standards (SFSS).

Mr. Peterson said the regulations need consistency and should not single out certain individuals or groups. He said the focus should be on how the Town can develop a local plan and design model that includes alternative renewable energy. Mr. Peterson cited examples.

He cited the fact the present SFSS single out solar regarding greater setbacks than other types of development, based on a copy of an un adopted Zoning draft. Ms. Ashcroft questioned Commissioners regarding the industrial and utility setback distances in the unapproved draft zoning document.

She said the Commission handled the solar setbacks totally different in the SFSS. Ms. Ashcroft said she is curious why there are two different standards. Mr. Mckane said the Commissioners came up with the setback distance for the SFSS. Mr. McKane cited his recollection and then asked Mr. Zingale to comment.

Ms. Ashcroft told Mr. Zingale she had asked the commissioners for a reply. Mr. Stearns told Ms. Ashcroft that the Waitsfield Solar setbacks are different than their regular zoning setbacks. Mr. Stearns said public opinion had a lot to do with the distance the Commission set.

Commissioners and Ms. Ashcroft and Mr. Peterson discussed the process used to develop the SFSS. Ms. Ashcroft said some of the Town's Land and Use Districts need to be reviewed.

Mr. Peterson said the SFSS setbacks are counter intuitive because we are constraining larger output to a smaller footprint. He said if screening is done properly with berms and other types of architecture landscaping the Town would achieve more with less setback then with greater setback. Mr.Stearns said the larger the solar field the greater the distance should be so there can be some buffer. Mr.Stearns said solar fields do not incorporate into the Vermont landscpe very well.

Mr. Leonard moved to close the meeting. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimoulsly.