Meeting opened at 7:00 PM.


The Commissioners reviewed the minutes of January 20, 2010. Mr. McKane moved to accept the minutes with changes. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Steve Benson, acting as agent for Ms. Ruth Conway, met with the Commission regarding an East Pittsford Road proposed four-lot sketch plan hearing.


Mr. Benson presented maps and gave an overview of what he would like the Commission to approve. Mr. Benson presented maps labeled “existing” and “proposed”. Mr. Benson explained that his brother-in-law has a home on the Conway land and as a result of the subdivision, would own the lot with his home.


Mr. Benson said the proposal is both a consolidation and subdivision of the Conway land. Mr. Benson said the lot size of parcel “A” would go from 3.75+ or – acres to 5.68 + or – acres. He said parcel “D” would be reduced in size and parcel “C” would get larger in size. Mr. Benson said parcel “D” would remain undeveloped. Mr. Benson explained how each lot has deeded access to the East Pittsford Road.


Mr. Matteson said the net lot gain after the subdivision is minus one. Mr. Matteson cited the fact the proposed subdivision would use the existing access to the East Pittsford Road.


Mr. Matteson said it appears the proposal is several lot line adjustments and not a subdivision. Town Administrator Joseph Zingale Jr. will check into the issue and warn the matter for either a subdivision or a lot line adjustment.


Select Board Chairman Mr. Stanley Rhodes III met with the Commission and explained a new commercial development proposed for land in both the Town and the City of Rutland.


Mr. Rhodes said Aldi’s, a food store, plans to build a 17,800 sq ft store on the site of the Smith Buick Dealership.  He said the building would be in both the City and Town. Mr. Rhodes said he would like to see a joint review by the Town Planning Commission and the City’s Development Review Board.


Mr. Rhodes said in addition to Town and City approvals the developer will also need to get an Act 250 permit. Mr. Rhodes said the currents owners of the lot plan to keep land in the back. He said they would need a Town subdivision permit. Mr. Rhodes said the lot in the back would be serviced via the access and light at Cold River Road. Mr. Rhodes said the Town’s proposed service road would be built a section at a time.


The commissioners reviewed a map of the proposed Aldi’s development. Mr. Burgess cited the location where the proposed service road would enter the Smith Buick property. Mr. Matteson said he thinks the proposed development would be good for both the Town and the City. Mr. Matteson said the Town Grand List might shrink since the majority of the development will be in the city


Mr. Matteson informed the Commissioners that Mr. Zingale would take over writing the Commission’s minutes. Mr. Matteson told Mr. Rhodes he would like to speak to the Select Board regarding Ms. Donna Godette continuing to do the Commission’s minutes.


Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Matteson discussed how the Commission would proceed with the Zoning Regulation update. It was decided the Commission with work with Mr. Mark Blucher, Executive Director, of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, and will present their results to the Board for their review and consideration.


Mr. Rhodes informed the Commissioners that the Select Board is considering reducing the size of the Planning Commission from nine to seven members.


Mr. Leonard made a motion to close the meeting. Mr. Flory made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



William Matteson, Chairman