Meeting open at 7:00 PM

Commissioners Present:

Charles Vajda, Howard Burgess, William Matteson, Jerry Stearns, Tony Flory and Raymond Leonard

The Commissioners reviewed the minutes of the January 17, 2013 meeting. Mr. Flory made a motion to accept the 1-17-13 minutes with corrections. Mr. Vajda made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Patrick Griffin, of Enman/Kesselring Engineering, representing Mr. Peter Kunzler met with the Commissioners regarding a proposed subdivision. Mr. Griffin presented maps and answered questions raised by the Commissioners.

Mr. Griffin told the Commissioners that his client will start with two lots and finish with two lots. Mr. Griffin explained that a portion of land will be subdivided from both lots and then each ( parcel subdivided) will be joined to the other lot.

Mr. Griffin said there is lot “A” & lot “B”. He said a portion of lot B will become lot B1 and that the portion taken from lot A will be lot A1. Mr. Griffin said lot A1 is going to lot B and lot B1 is going to lot A. Mr. Griffin said as a result of the subdivisions, the lot in the rear (lot A) will have access to the road. He said presently the rear lot is land locked. Mr. Griffin said both lots would access Tamarack Lane.

Mr. Griffin cited the fact that the replacement septic field for lot A would be on lot B and the future replacement septic system for lot B would be on lot A. Mr. Griffin said in conjunction with the subdivision a new well will be drilled. He said a replacement well to serve lot A would be drilled on lot B.

Mr. Matteson asked if there are more than one dwelling on lot B. Mr. Griffin said there is only one dwelling on lot B. Mr. Griffin said there is only one dwelling on lot A.

Mr. Burgess questioned Mr. Griffin regarding the proposed subdivision line between the two parcels. Mr. Matteson questioned Mr. Griffin regarding the location of the apartment house septic system. Mr. Griffin said the system is next to the house.

Mr. Matteson questioned the applicant regarding the Bohlig easement. Mr. Griffin said the Bohig easement is for utilities only. Mr. Burgess questioned how the final map would look.

Mr. Griffin said the final will be a surveyor map. He said map C1 (sketch plan submittal) would be the final map as well as a plat from the surveyor. Mr. Griffin requested that his client not have to survey the entire lot.

He said the surveyor's plat will only focus on the area shown (he pointed to the map). Mr. Griffin said it would be an expense to the homeowner . He said the parcel is 170 acres. Mr. Matteson inquired if the parcel extends into Pittsford. Mr. Griffin said Mr. Kunzler owns a separate parcel across the line in Pittsford.

Mr. Burgess questioned Mr. Griffin regarding the size of the hammer-head turn-around shown on the map. Mr. Flory told Mr. Burgess that he worked with the Town Highway crew when the turnaround was built. He said there is enough room to turn around.

Mr. Matteson said he would like to see the actual hammer-head dimensions shown on the final map. Mr. Griffin said he would do so. Mr. Matteson said the hammer-head will become a concern in the future if there is further development of the land.

The Commissioners discussed the existing hammer-head turn-around further and took no action.

Mr. Matteson cited the fact that in the past the Commission has waived the requirement to survey the entire parcel. He gave the example of a landowner with 200 acres of land, only having to survey the 1 acre building lot the individual was taking out of the 200 acre parcel.

He said the Kunzler situation is different because the applicant is reconfiguring two lots and that as a result of the subdivision lot B would no longer be landlocked.

Mr. Matteson cited the fact that several abutting parcels to the Kunzler parcels of land had been surveyed in the past. He said a surveyor could use their work to piece together a survey. He said it shouldn’t be a big deal to go in and re-establish it. Mr. Matteson said he doesn't have a problem either way, whether the entire parcel is surveyed.

Mr. Burgess cited the fact the parcel would have to be surveyed upon further subdivision. Mr. Flory moved to warn the subdivision for a final hearing. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Zingale will contact Mr. Kris Hughes regarding updating the Town Plan.

Mr. Burgess moved to close the meeting at 7:30 P.M. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approved by


William T. Matteson