Meeting open at 7:00 PM


Commissioners Present:


Charles Vajda, Raymond Leonard, Jerry Stearns, Anthony Flory, Howard Burgess and Andrew McKane



Town Road Commissioner Mr. Byron Hathaway met with the Commission and discussed possible funding from his budget to begin studying the proposed south end service road.


Mr. Hathaway said if funding were to come from the Highway Budget he would plan to include funds in his next budget. He said due to the light winter he presently has about $100,000.00 in surplus funds. He told the Commissioners that typically any surplus funds would be rolled into the paving budget for the next year.


Mr. Hathaway cited the need to get consensus among the various landowners involved in the construction of the proposed service road if the acquisition cost are to be avoided. Mr. Hathaway cited the fact that typically acquisition cost can be as much as construction cost. Mr. Hathaway encouraged the Commissioners to meet with the landowners and get their permission at no charge. Mr. Hathaway said in order to get the road built the Town should bond for the cost of the project.


Mr. Flory asked if there are any grants available for the proposed road. Town Administrator Mr. Joseph Zingale Jr. said Town officials had met with Senator Peg Flory, Senator Kevin Mullen and State Representative David Potter from Clarendon and discussed possible funding sources.


Mr. Hathaway said given the amount of property and local option taxes coming from the businesses in the area of the proposed service road it is incumbent upon the town to invest money in the area to keep the businesses viable and have more opportunities for other businesses to move into town. He said the pay off over a lone period of time is back to the taxpayer.


Mr. Flory asked if the cost of the proposed road is known. Mr. Hathaway said a feasibility study would be the first step to determine the cost. Mr. Hathaway said the study should determine where exactly the road would be built so all the landowners know how much of their property is involved.


Mr. Zingale said he had recently received two calls from landowners (along the proposed route) that said they would gladly give up some of their property for the road to be built. Mr. Zingale said of the seven properties involved the Town has heard from one owner that does not support the proposed service road.


Mr. McKane suggested the project be split into two sections. He said section one would be north of Randbury Road and the second section south of Randbury Road. Both Mr. Hathaway and Mr. McKane said the section north of Randbury Road would greatly benefit Randbury Road traffic.


Mr. Burgess said it would be nice to get the entire road right-of-way and then build the road in sections. He said the north section could get built only to have acquisition problems with the land to the south of Randbury Road.


Mr. Hathaway cited the fact that the Town has spent time and money trying to get the right hand turn lane off US 7 to Farrell Road. He said Farrell’s would be just as well off using the new service road.


Mr. Vajda said getting the landowners to agree to give up some land is key. Mr. Hathaway said the Town should begin getting easements from the landowners. Mr. Hathaway cited the fact there are individuals that refuse to do business on Randbury Road due to traffic safety concerns.


Mr. McKane suggested the Town get the landowners to sign a letter of intent to determine support for the project. Mr. Hathaway said he has about $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 that could be available for preliminary engineering work.


The commissioners and Mr. Hathaway discussed the various route locations available for constructing the proposed road.


Ms. Susan Schreibman, Acting Director of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, reviewed the proposed Zoning Notice mailing with the commissioners. Ms. Schreibman suggested minor changes to the notice, which the commissioners accepted. The commissioners approved the notice prepared by Ms. Schreibman.


The commissioners discussed how the reports should be addressed. Mr. Flory moved to use the word “resident” on the mailing label. Mr. Stearns made a section to the motion. The motion passed unanimously


Mr. Stearns moved to close the meeting. Mr. Flory made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.