Meeting open at 7:00 PM


Commissioners Present:


Howard Burgess, Charles Vajda, Raymond Leonard, Andrew McKane, Tony Flory and William Matteson


Mr. Matteson asked everyone to stand for a moment of silence in memory of Mr. Tom Turner, former member of the Town Planning Commission.


Mr. Matteson said the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed service road in the south of town off US Route 7 South.


The following individuals were in attendance:



John McKenna- Farrell Distributing

Jim Hall- Selectman

Peter Ohlweiler- Rutland Motor Cars

Lainnie LaCroix- Hampton Inn

Brad Morgan- Holiday Inn

Stephan Mader- Kinney Motors

John Lascavitch- Holiday Inn


The following items were mentioned or discussed:



Mr. Burgess told commissioners that former commissioner Mr. Dick Hoenes, is very upset he did not receive anything from the Town for his years of service. Mr. Matteson said it is his fault that Mr. Hoenes has not received anything from the Town.


Mr. McKane moved to close the meeting. Mr. Burgess made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.