DECEMBER 2, 2010



The meeting opened at 7:00 P.M.


Members present: Howard Burgess, Raymond Leonard, William Matteson, Andy McKane, Jerry Stearns, Tom Turner and Charles Vajda.


Minutes from 11/18/2010


Mr. Turner motioned to accept the minutes from 11/18/10 as written and Mr. McKane seconded the motion.  All were in approval.


Hearing Recess- Green Mountain Plaza


The Act 250 hearing for the Green Mountain Plaza is in recess with no new date set to resume.  They are waiting for a traffic study to be done.


Mr. Matteson said he saw a Farrell Distributing truck enter the Plaza via Hannaford’s not Cop John Drive.  He added that he felt there were not enough crosswalks or handi-capped parking near Jo-Anne Fabrics.


A letter was received form Mark Blucher, from the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, concerning trying to get agreements amongst the parties at the Green Mountain Plaza.




Mr. Turner wrote up four pages vis a vis the 2008 zoning document for the rest of the Commission to take home and to review and discuss later.  It was also brought up to include input from the townspeople and vote on the issues they bring forward.


Mr. Matteson said he would get hard copies of the 2008 zoning document for all the Commission members.  Kevin Brown put in some changes that the Commission had suggested.


Mr. Burgess said he would like to have an overview of what is expected.


Mr. Matteson said that the only time zoning was adopted was in the 1970’s but it was interim and did not last. In 1998, the Select Board adopted a zoning document but it was put on the ballot and was turned down by the voters.  The reason for zoning is protection without hampering growth.  At the last election. 73% of the voters were in favor of some sort of zoning, and 77% of those wanted more than minimal zoning.  Zoning allows the Town to keep track of growth and helps the listers keep track of residential additions. 


The last document from 2008 was not acted upon by the Select Board and thus deemed not approved.  Mr. Matteson said he would like more interaction with the Select Board and the public to make up the document.


Mr. Turner added that with zoning, developments of 10 acres or less would fall under the Town’s jurisdiction and not Act 250.  The Act 250 process is expensive and can hamper new development for small businesses.


Mr. Leonard wanted to make sure that the Select Board was open to working on the zoning document and Mr. Matteson said they were.  Mr. Matteson is putting in for a planning grant to help with the cost of producing a new document.


Mr. Burgess added that pre-existing edifices will not change, only those going forward.


Mr. Turner said that there are State regulations that need to be followed when the document is made and the Town attorney, Kevin Brown, assures this is done.


The Commission will start with the document from 2008 as a starting point but not the one with the changes suggested by the Select Board.


There was a little confusion about when two sub-committee members of the Select Board meet if this needed to be warned and Mr. Zingale said that proper steps are followed and he does warn this type of meeting.


Road Regulations – Byron Hathaway


Road Commissioner, Byron Hathaway, was present at the Commission’s request to discuss road regulations.  The State has instituted some new regulations and the Town’s codification book is not in sync with these new regulations.  Mr. Hathaway said it would be best to refer to the A76 standard in the codification book.  A76 is a standardized drawing that shows such things as the radius of a driveway, the width of a subdivision and the depth of the road.  Act 110, which covers bridge and road standards, is part of A76.  It is looking for more of an access process.  Currently there are standard forms for access permits in the Clerk’s office.


Mr. Hathaway said there are issues that come up where he is not certain what should be done, i.e. someone wants a circular driveway, which causes two accesses to the road.  He asked if the Planning Commission should approve these first.  Mr. Matteson said that he would notify Mr. Hathaway when the Commission goes on site visits.


Mr. Turner referred to the State’s requirement of having the road commissioners have six hours of training and Mr. Hathaway said that he already has had more than that.  He added that there is a big difference in the new regulations concerning  cul-de-sacs, dead end streets and turn-arounds.  Towns are encouraged to avoid dead ends.







Mr. Hathaway talked about B71, which covers residential and commercial drives and how they meet the right of way.  He said there is a wealth of information on the AOT website.  Mr. Matteson added that fifteen feet off the pavement is the right of way.


Mr. Matteson will talk to Kevin Brown about adding a reference to A76 in the Town regulations.  Mr. Turner said he would like to get a copy of A76 to review first.


Mr. Leonard motioned to end the meeting.  Mr. McKane seconded the motions.  All were in approval.  The meeting ended at 8:15 P.M.





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