Meeting open at 7:00 PM


Commissioners Present:


Howard Burgess, Charles Vajda, Raymond Leonard, Andrew McKane, Tony Flory, Jerry Stearns and William Matteson


The Commission reviewed the 11-3-11 & the 12-6-11 meeting minutes. Mr. McKane moved to approve the 11-3-11 minutes as presented. Mr. Vajda made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Leonard moved to approve the 12-6-11 minutes as presented. Mr. Flory made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Matteson informed the Commissioners that the Town had donated $50.00 to the Rutland County Humane Society in Memory to Mr. Tom Turner.


Nicole Kesselring, PE and Steve Bowman, Director of Real Estate for Aldi Food Market, met with the Commission regarding a two lot sketch plan hearing for Joe & Shirley Barnhart. Joe & Shirley Barnhart were in attendance.


Mr. Bowman told the Commissioners that Aldi’s opened its first store in the USA in Iowa in the 1970’s. He said there are now over 1,200 stores in 31 states. He said Aldi’s carries the 1,400 fastest moving household and grocery items in their stores.


He said typically a shopper would find two ketchup brands not seven different brands in an Aldi’s store. Mr. Bowman told the Commissioners that the store would have five aisles and would not have a meat department or a pharmacy. He said individuals typically save 45 to 50 % on their monthly shopping bill. Mr. Bowman said the Rutland Town store would be 17,800 square feet in size.


The applicants submitted maps, which they reviewed with the Commissioners. Ms. Kesselring said the entire parcel is about 9.9 acres. She said the applicant is proposing to create a 2.92 -acre parcel for the Aldi store and that the Barnhart’s would keep the remaining 7.009-acre parcel.  Ms. Kesselring said the parcel size show on the map is more accurate than the size she gave the Commissioners.


Mr. Matteson requested that Ms. Kesselring print on the map the total acres contained in each lot located in the Town of Rutland.


Ms. Kesselring said the building on the site would be demolished in order to build the new store and a parking lot with 80 spaces. Ms. Kesselring said the main project access will be from the Cold River Road / US RT 7 S Intersection. Ms. Kesselring said modification have been proposed for the traffic light at the intersection. She said there would be a northbound left turn lane exiting the property.


Ms. Kesselring said deliveries and the location for the dumpster would be in the rear of the proposed building. Ms. Kesselring said the applicant has requested a one way in only access to the property north of the Cold River Road intersection.


Ms. Kesselring said presently there are four curb cuts to US RT 7. She said two would be eliminated. Ms. Kesselring said stormwater would be captured in underground chambers in the back of the building. Ms. Kesselring displayed maps showing the outside look of the proposed building.


The applicants and the Commissioners reviewed the sketch plan requirements. Ms. Kesselring cited a notation on the sketch plan map that will be removed, since a drainage easement will no longer be required.


Ms. Kesselring inquired if it would be necessary to show the proposed building and associated development on the sketch map along with the existing building on the parcel.


Mr. Matteson said the applicant could attach a separate map depicting the new building and development and record it with the subdivision map.


Ms. Kesselring requested the following waivers from the final plat requirements check list:


(13) Regarding sewer mains

(14) Regarding drainage

(16) Regarding parks & open space

(19) Regarding information for adjacent land

(22) Regarding the length of all straight lines

(23) Regarding numbering of lots


The applicants and Mr. Matteson discussed Aldi’s submitting a letter to the Town stating their support for the Town’s proposed service road. Mr. Bowman said he would submit a letter to the Town.


Ms. Kesselring requested the Preliminary Plat hearing be waived. Mr. Burgess moved to go to final plat hearing and waive the Preliminary Hearing. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Vajda questioned why the applicant had no information regarding lighting. Mr. Matteson said lighting is not covered under the subdivision regulations. He said lighting would be addressed through zoning regulations.


Mr. Flory moved to close the meeting. Mr. Vajda made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.




William Matteson, Chairman