JANUARY 20, 2011





The meeting opened at 7:00 P.M.


Members present:  Howard Burgess, Dick Hoenes, Ray Leonard, Bill Matteson,  Andy McKane, Tom Turner and Charles Vajda.


Review of the January 6, 2011 Minutes


Mr. Leonard motioned to accept the January 6, 2011miniutes as written.  Mr. Hoenes seconded the motion.  All were in approval.




Tom Turner sent a letter of resignation due to health reasons.


Attendance Records


Mr. Matteson passed out his record of attendance of Commission members for the second quarter for them to review. One will be given to the Town Clerk.


Ruth Conway Subdivision


Ruth Conway is planning a subdivision on the East Pittsford Road.  There is also a lot line adjustment planned within the family.  The Commission reviewed maps of the existing area and the proposed subdivision.  Lot A will be increased with the lot line adjustment to 5.68 acres.  Then Lot B will be created at 4.86 acres, Lot C at 2.16 acres and Lot D at 5.81 acres. 




Copies of the 2008 Zoning document have been given to the Select Board and Mr. Matteson said that he would like to work in concert with the Select Board on the new document.  Mr. Zingale suggested forming a committee from the Planning Commission and the Select Board.  He will talk to them about this.


Mr. Vajda questioned the paragraph on junk vehicles on Page 45.  Mr. Matteson said that if there are preexisting vehicles that don't violate State standard then zoning will not affect them.  The current zoning document states that three or more unregistered vehicles visible from the right of way or the neighboring lot are not allowed.  Mr. Zingale added that if a junkyard is operating illegally, then it is not grandfathered with new zoning.


Mr. Leonard asked about adding Mr. Turner's comments and Mr. Matteson said this will be discussed at working session.


Mr. Matteson again went over the results from the last March election in which three forth of the voters advocated for some sort of zoning.




A new Kia dealership is planned near the Goodyear building.


Aldermans bought the Smith/Buick franchise but not the building.


The Banias are surveying for their subdivision.



Mr. Hoenes motioned to close the meeting.  Mr. McKane seconded the motion.  All were in approval.  The meeting ended at 7:40 P.M.




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