Meeting open at 7:00 PM


Commissioners Present:


Howard Burgess, Charles Vajda, Raymond Leonard, Jerry Stearns, Tony Flory, and William Matteson



Town residents Francis & Janet Gennette met with the Commission with questions regarding Town Subdivision Regulations. The Gennette’s inquired if they are allowed to subdivide their .9-acre parcel into two lots.


Ms. Gennette told the commissioners that presently there are 2 two-story apartment buildings on the property. Mr. Matteson said he sees no reason why the Gennette cannot subdivide their land into two parcels. Mr. Matteson informed the Gennette’s that they would also need to receive a State of Vermont permit to subdivide their land.


Mr. Matteson suggested the Gennette’s meet with Mr. Joseph Zingale and get the subdivision forms, which they must complete and submit.  Mr. Matteson said the Gennette’s would have to make a survey of their property as part of the subdivision process.


Ms. Gennette questioned Mr. Matteson regarding future zoning and the subdivision of her lot. Mr. Matteson said if the proposed zoning were in place the Gennette’s would probably not be able to subdivide their parcel.


Ms. Susan Schreibman, acting Executive Director of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, met with the Commission regarding the Commission’s proposed Zoning regulations.


Mr. Matteson notified the Commissioners and the public that he had just learned that Mr. Mark Blucher, Executive Director of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, had passed away earlier in the week on Tuesday. Mr. Matteson said he was deeply saddened.


Mr. Matteson extended the Commission’s sympathy to the Blucher family and he said Mr. Mark Blucher was a great friend to the Town of Rutland. Mr. Matteson said Mr. Blucher was a great asset to him personally and to the community.



Ms. Schreibman informed the Commissioners that she had met with Mr. Matteson earlier and reviewed the status of the zoning adoption process.


Ms. Schreibman passed out copies of the Scope of Work agreement between the RRPC and the Town for the zoning work. Ms. Schreibman said based on talks with Mr. Blucher she believes the document is in pretty good shape and that the purpose of the grant is to conduct outreach.


Ms. Schreibman said the out reach would involve a public forum and preparation of brochure to be mailed to all Town residents. Ms. Schreibman said RRPC Planner Edward Bove reviewed the proposed zoning document to see whether it could be trimmed down. Ms. Schreibman cited the fact Mr. Bove wrote comments along side sections where he has questions.


Mr. Matteson questioned Ms. Schreibman whether there is a way to minimize the length of the regulations. Ms. Schreibman said she believes the only way to minimize the regulation is to eliminate and combine zoning districts. Ms. Schreibman said the regulations address all there are required to under state law.


Ms. Schreibman said if the Commission tries to tone the regulations down then it will not have a good document to work with.


Mr. Matteson said Commissioners should review the document over the next couple of weeks and discuss it at the February 2, 2012 meeting. Mr. Matteson said he believed Mr. Blucher said there are items that could be removed from the proposed regulations. Mr. Leonard said he thought Mr. Blucher was going to make up a list of items, which could be removed.


Ms. Schreibman told Mr. Matteson that the planning grant must be finished by May and that there is not enough time to make more changes. Mr. Matteson asked Ms. Schreibman to take a look at combining districts for the next meeting.


The Commission will meet and discuss the zoning regulations at 6:00 PM on February 2.


Mr. Leonard moved to close the meeting. Mr. Stearns made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



William T. Matteson