Meeting open at 7:30 PM

Commissioners Present:

Howard Burgess(joined after start), William Matteson (joined after start), Charles Vajda, Jerry Stearns, Andrew Mc Kane and Raymond Leonard

The Commissioners work on the proposed Solar Facility Siting Standards. Mr. Stearns told the Commissioners that he had spoken with Mr. Curt Shields, who is with Central Vermont Public Service, and that Mr. Shields said a 100kW solar filed is approximately one acre.

He said a one Mega watt field would be about seven to eight acres in size. He said a two mega watt field would be about the size of the solar field being built in New Haven. He said the solar field will be about 15 acres in size.

Town resident, Mr. David Fucci, suggested the Commissioners consider an escalating scale when establishing setback distances for solar facilities. He said the bigger the project the bigger the setbacks.He said setbacks should not apply to solar collectors mounted on roofs.

Mr. Mc Kane said those in attendance are concerned with aesthetics, which would be the size of the panel and not the kW. Mr. Fucci cited two different types of panels in use presently in Rutland City.

Town resident Ms. Esther Sweat told the Commissioners the Town needs to screen solar projects. Ms. Sweat said she does not mean a 4' shrub. Mr. Stearns said there should be some sort of consensus regarding screening solar projects.

Town resident Mr. Paul Gallo questioned how the proposed solar siting standards would work given the fact the Town does not have zoning regulations. Mr. Gallo said solar seems to one of the lead horses for the growth of Rutland.

Mr. Gallo said the parcel of land proposed for the Cold River Road solar facility does not need any upgrades, does not need new roads, will not have any emissions and will not require a traffic study. He said there could be other things happening in the community that could be much worse.

Mr.Gallo cited the fact that his home is surrounded by open land and he said he does not view the proposed development as being intrusive. Mr. Fucci pointed out the fact that his and other Cold River Road properties are higher in elevation than the proposed solar facility. Mr. Fucci said no screening would be high enough to screen his view.

Mr. Mc Kane gave examples of various types of agriculltural development which could occur on the parcel of without having to receive a local permit. Mr. Mc Kane said the commission has to come up with something which is fair. Mr. Mc kane told those in attendance that the Public Service Board would have to consider the Town's standards before an Act 248 permit is issued.