Meeting open at 7:00 PM

Commissioners Present:

Raymond Leonard, Howard Burgess, William Matteson, Jerry Stearns and Andrew McKane and Dana Peterson

Mr. Matteson moved to approve the 9-2-14 minutes with the condition that the spelling of Mr. Gene Beaudoin last name be checked and corrected if wrong. Mr. Leonard made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioners reviewed a proposed Act 250 amendment request for the DCF subdivision to combine two previously approved residential lots into one lot. Commissioners reviewed the application as well as plans submitted with the Act 250 application.Town Administrator Mr. Joseph Zingale Jr. said the application request to combine lots 22 & 23.

Mr. Matteson told Commissions that the Select Board discussed a laundry list of comments from the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC). Mr. Matteson said he did not comment because he had not seen the comments from the RRPC.

Mr. Matteson told Commissioners that Select Board member Ms. Mary Ashcroft has discussed the comments with the RRPC Planner who wrote the comments. Mr. Matteson said he spoke with Mr. Ed Bove yesterday and that he (Mr. Bove) assured Mr. Matteson that the comments are nothing more than a tweaking.

Mr. Zingale told the Commissioners that the second Select Board Town Plan hearing is scheduled for October 22, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Mr. Matteson said he would attend the Select Board's Town Plan hearing.

Mr. Burgess informed Commissioners that the Rutland Commons developers have filled their Act 250 amendment application. Mr. Zingale informed Commissioners that the developer told the Select Board last week that he hoped to have his permits in March and then begin construction in April. Mr. McKane said they planned to complete construction in October 2015.

Mr. Burgess inquired as to whether the Select Board has submitted a letter of support. Mr. Zingale said the Select Board had not done so pending submittal of a landscaping plan and for the Town's Traffic consultant to review their traffic data.

Commissioners discussed plans to begin work to revised the Town Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM). Mr. Matteson and Mr. said the Commission has to come up with something to begin

discussion with the public. Mr. Matteson said we know areas where we have issues. He said the Commissioners must address issues before inviting the public in to discuss land uses. Mr. Matteson said the Commission should wait until the Town Plan is adopted prior to beginning work on the (FLUM).

Mr. McKane said the Commission could get started as soon as the November 6, 2014 meeting. Mr. Matteson told Commissioners that at the Select Board's Town Plan Public Hearing a town resident voiced concern regarding uses allowed in the R40 C Land Use designation.

Mr. Matteson said what is allowed in the R40 C is limited by infrastructure. Mr. Matteson said because you have to support a gas station with water and sewer he does not expect to see a gas station on an R40 C parcel next to an R40 A parcel.

Mr. Zingale said the lack of water and sewer service on the Cold River Road did not stop the solar developers from selecting the site. Mr. Matteson said Mr. Zingale's example has nothing to do with zoning.

Mr. Zingale said he is talking about land use. Mr. Zingale said the Cold River Road parcel is attractive to someone that wants to do a solar project because of its Land Use designation.

Mr. Zingale referred to the Town Plan Future Land Use Map and cited the agricultrial parcels displayed in green. He then questioned why the Town does not have a forestry Land Use district. He cited the fact that the Town's Solar Facility Siting Standards came from a Town that has a Foresrty Land Use district.

Mr. Zingale cited the 55 acre wooded parcel off the Cold River Road which is proposed for solar development. Mr. Burgess said the Commission should consider a Forestry district. Mr. Burgess said the Commission could also consider a Solar Land use district.

Mr. Peterson said it would be very helpful to look for areas in town which are ideal for solar development and have minimal impact on other land uses. Mr. Peterson suggested blighted areas in Town would be good canidates for solar redevelopment. Mr. Peterson said the Commission would be setting a standard as to where solar projects could go. He said the action would be pro-active. Mr. Burgess said there are areas in Town which are suitable for solar development.

Mr. McKane suggested reduceing set back requirements in a Solar district as a carrot to attract solar developmet to those areas. Mr. Peterson said such an action would send a message that the Town is considering the value solar development has for the community.

Mr. Peterson said the Commission would consider the concerns of neighbors, residents and other townspeople regarding impacts on Vistas and the surrounding area when identifying parcels for solar development.

Mr. Peterson said the Commission should consider size, screening and the ideal locations for solar development. Mr. Peterson acknowledged that the Town would not receive much revenue from solar developments. Mr. Zingale said the Commision could use Google Earth and the Town's GIS to look for acceptable sites.

Mr. Matteson moved to close the meeting. Mr. Peterson made a second to the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Andrew McKane, Chairman