OCTOBER 15, 2009





The meeting opened at 7:00 P.M.


Commission members present:Howard Burgess, Anthony Flory, Richard Hoenes, William Matteson, Andrew McKane, Jerry Stearns, Tom Turner and Charles Vajda.


Review of the 10/1/2009 Minutes


Mr. Vajda motioned to approve the 10/1/2009 minutes as written.Mr. McKane seconded the motion.All were in approval.




Mr. Turner reported that the Select Board passed a motion to table any further action on the zoning document indefinitely.He advised not to spend any more time on zoning until the Select Board decides to proceed.Mr. Turner said that zoning relaxes the need for Act 250 involvement in developments and would help businesses start in the area.Mr. Zingale added that you canít have a capital plan or access fees without zoning.He also said that the Planning Commission would be getting a letter from the Select Board on zoning.


Elnicki Gravel Pit


The Elnicki Gravel Pit is planning a new project that they say will not increase traffic on Cold River Road.Mr. Zingale advised that the Planning Commission be represented at the hearing that is yet to be scheduled.


Mr. Burgess said that there is a new procedure planned that would wash the material that has been through the crusher.The water from this will run into a retainer pond and be recycled.


Button Up Vermont


Mr. Zingale will host a ďButton Up VermontĒ workshop that will help homeowners learn of ways to save energy.There will be guest speakers, including Mr. Hoenes who owns the Home and Farm Center and a representative from LaValleys.A $150 coupon towards a home audit will also be available as well as free light bulbs and refreshments.






Rutland Town Plan


At the last Planning Commission meeting, Jim Hallís comments that he requested be added to the Rutland Town Plan were tabled until the whole Commission could review them.Mr. Turner said he did not totally agree with all of Mr. Hallís comments.Some of the other members thought that some of the wording could be changed.The Planning Commission decided to make some suggestions for changes to Mr. Hallís comments and present them in a letter at the next Select Board hearing on the Rutland Town Plan.Mr. Flory motioned to endorse Mr. Hallís comments with changes by the Planning Commission. Mr. Hoenes seconded the motion.All were in approval.




Jack McCamley has received a permit for a septic system for the property he bought on Ruth Avenue which abuts David Road where he lives.


The Prescott septic system has failed in Colonial Estates and needs repair.


CVPS is erecting a tower with meteorological equipment on the north side of their building on Post Road.


Mr. Matteson needs to sign the permit for the Dickinson subdivision.The mylar has yet to be recorded.


VTRANS as submitted an application to the State for money to upgrade the rail from Rutland to Burlington for Amtrack.This will also benefit regular train traffic as well.


Mr. Zingale reported that some people are looking for land for industrial use, around twenty-five acres.Another concern has purchased twenty-eight acres on Route 4E for a solar farm and there may also be some light industrial use.


The Army Corp of Engineers had an archeological dig and found some arrow heads which automatically puts the project on hold for six months for more research.Mr. Zingale said that the project may also be moving closer to Route 7 to avoid wet lands.


The City Historical Society has asked the Town if they want to be involved in a joint museum.


The Aspen Dental building is fully rented and Mr. Vajda reported that Aspen Dental is taking appointments and will open on October 29, 2009.


Mr. Hoenes motioned to end the meeting.Mr. Flory seconded the motion.All were in approval. The meeting ended at 7:40 P. M.



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