Administrative Assistant

Bill Sweet

181 Business Route 4

PHONE (802) 773-2528 Ext 13– FAX (802) 773-7295


The Town Administrative Assistant is the municipality’s primary administrative officer and is responsible for the operations of Town government not specifically assigned by State Statue to elected or appointed public officials. 

The Administrative Assistant’s duties include:
Recycling Officer
Solid Waste Officer

Vehicle Overweight Permit Officer

Vehicle Overwidth Permit Officer

Flood Hazard Zoning Administrator

Energy Committee Chairman

Staff assistant to Town Planning Commission

Public Sewer Officer

Public Water Officer

Sewer Billing and Rates

Water Billing and Rates
Geographic Information Systems Operator

Codification Clerk

World Wide Web Administrator

Audio/Video Operator/Producer

Town Act 250 Representative

Staff assistant to Town Health Officer

Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee member

Rutland Regional Planning Commission Brownfield Committee member